10 Things I Have Learned About Being A Single Parent…

By Alison August 14, 2005 1 Comment 2 Min Read

By Helen May.


How to open the bonnet of a car and fill up the windscreen wash. I’m ashamed to say that I had NEVER done this previously. And even more ashamed to admit that I have been known on occasion, when I truly cannot see a thing through the grime, to empty a bottle of mineral water over the windscreen…


Evolution has a long way to go. Eyes in the back of the head would be really useful for watching out for straying 3 year olds/tiny fingers in sockets/Tonka toys being aimed at the back of the head.


Leprosy would at times be favourable to the sympathetic smiles other parents give you when you attend a family event in your single parent capacity…


It doesn’t matter if a child has one parent, two parents – even no parents – provided there is someone there to kiss things better, hold them tight and love them unconditionally. That’s what makes a child thrive.


Sometimes it is better to be alone for the right reasons than be with someone for the wrong.


My fantasies consist of sleeping late and employing matronly, efficient housekeepers – aah! What bliss that would be!


How NOT to mow the lawn. Being one of the jobs I left to my ex when he was around, my first attempt was to say the least not very successful – I mowed straight through the cable and nearly had a very premature appointment with my Maker…


When I aim to leave the house at 8am I should resign myself to the fact that it will probably be more like 8:30. And any attempt to fool myself and aim to leave at 7:30 will not work. I will STILL leave at 8:30…


… And every morning there will be at least one thing that I will forget. The trick is making sure it isn’t one of the important things – eg turning the oven off/my son/my skirt.


As long as I can keep laughing and keep a smile on my little angel’s face, nothing else really matters.


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  1. SaSavannah says:

    I loved this post, Helen. I totally understand, having been a single parent for nine and a half years. Oh, those looks from family and friends. However, after you survive a few years, the looks turn to envy! You'd be surprised how many of my friends think I have the best of all possible lives. I'm sure all the happily connecteds in this group don't agree, and I'm very happy for them, BUT the truth is a lot of women are charmed to have children and sorry they have a spouse! haha.. Tell that to them when the flusher is sticking on the toilet or the tires go flat on their car, though, eh?

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