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I’m A Sucker For Romance…

By Kerry Stewart Haynes.


Mind you, there’s a very fine line between painfully corny and nailing it.   Over the past few weeks I’ve gorged myself silly on some gloriously gooey love stories (and some frankly forgettable ones too … ie ‘Two Weeks Notice’).  Not that I mind predictability.  In fact that’s probably the major ingredient which makes romance so addictive to me … to know that the gal gets her guy and I don’t end up brokenhearted is indeed a comfort … I don’t want to come away feeling bruised. 

So given that love can only be fancy dressed in so many ways, I got to thinking about what it is that makes a romance … well … romantic. 

Of course, there are the words ~  whether they be witty and clever ala the rich and colourful banter between Spencer Tracy and Kate Hepburn or cute and husky like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore (although cute and husky couldn’t save Moore in Indecent Proposal ~ blah).  There’s no denying that dialogue plays a crucial part.   But surely that couldn’t be all … surely there’s more to it?

I then considered character and the ‘leads’ we are most likely to fall in love with and decided that it’s not enough to just have a pretty face or a fantastic bod.

…Alison, please insert a little thinking music here…

~Suddenly it hit me~

(And this will make all the above ramblings appear irrelevant but I wanted to let you in on my thought process)

Supermodels are not our romantic heroines!

Because when you think of all of the girls we love to watch fall in love, not one of them is six-foot-six and scrawny.  Ok so it might be a bit of a stretch to refer to Marilyn Monroe; Julia Roberts; Lauren Bacall and Jennifer Lopez (I can’t help it… I like her in a romantic role)  as anything less than gorgeous…but these are gals with just enough flesh to make us feel at home. 

And personality.  They’re  Meg-Ryan-quirky and Katharine-Hepburn-interesting   They’re not spending all their time torturing every little fat cell in their body or staring longingly at that piece of chocolate cake.  No siree…they’re off doin’ stuff…being golf pros; wedding planners;  TV personalities; scrabble champs; strong determined single mums; gun toting outlaws (love Cat Ballou)…All of them with insecurities and peculiar little ticks and tocks (just like the rest of us).

Hands up who finds Bridget Jones sexier than Renee Zellweger?  Nothing against Renee Zellweger  but I conducted my own local poll and it was unanimous … You see, somewhere in between being caught out in her oversized undies (hello Mummy) ; her girly bumps; and the embarrassing moments that make us cringe in agony… Bridget Jones reminds me of someone I know.  My gorgeous friend Debbie who worries that her husband will find a younger prettier version;    Charlie’s Mum, Kym, on the lookout for a new cause to protest;  my baton twirling friend Angela (so daggy until she became national champ!).  And yes, Bridget Jones reminds me of me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the reason we love these girls…want to watch as they find a soft place to fall … is that they’re like us (albeit possibly in a slightly swankier package).  We love them … their men love them … not despite their imperfections and crazy little ways but because of them!  And, given that it’s predominantly men who make these movies (with a few notable exceptions), we must assume that whilst men might like to perve at the models, when it comes to choosing a romantic mate they’re after  the real deal.

A girl who sometimes snorts as she laughs; who  carefully nibbles the chocolate layer away from her Mars Bar before devouring the rest;  a girl who likes to stay on her own side of the bed and who faces away from her partner to sleep (hey I don’t like hot sleepy breath in my face…ok?); a girl who sobs in the sad bits … and the happy bits too; who orders a skinny ‘cino …and a slice of cheesecake the size of a small island; a girl who’s predictably contradictory and only ever-so- slightly this side of nutty; or a girl who’s stoic and strong and solid as a rock.

So now, safe in the knowledge that I’m ok in all my lumpy bumpy nerdy vintage

Mummy of three glory, I’m taking to the proverbial stage for my starring role…

Romantic heroine in my own life story.

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  1. Savannah says:

    I want to suggest a movie that surprised me. It was Adam Sandler's Spanglish. I thought it was supposed to be another of his vapid, funny little dumb movies but I thought it was charming, with some eccentricity, of course, but basically wonderful. Has anyone seen it? By the way, my very close friend is Adam's cousin!!!!! and they look alike (but not rich like Adam!). haha..

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