A Spring Revival

By Alison February 18, 2016 8 Comments 1 Min Read

“That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.”

Dear Lucy Maud Montgomery was right about all most everything. And never more than in the quote above, when she reminds us that just as Mother Nature shakes off even the darkest of Winters, so too can we come out the other side in to a Spring all of our own…
And so here I am, still so relentlessly hopeful. Ready to start all over again, after almost a year of the quietest of grief. I am de-cluttering the Spark Joy way. Making piles and excavating only deep-rooted happiness. Nibbling at Mazat Dark Orange chocolate. Spending hours in the library. Reading this. (Such fun!) Stripping everything away until only what is sacred is left behind. Watching Fortitude with my Dad. Drinking copious amounts of deliciously sweet tea, made by Finley who is suddenly old enough to show how much he loves me in this most British of fashions.
Planning a garden full of poppies. A herb garden and a vegetable patch. Laundry on one of those silly, spinny washing lines. Spring mornings on the garden step. A life with Ste.
Here I am. With another incarnation of BrocanteHome. A heart full of hope and feather-light spring in my step.
Spring… How lovely to have you back. 


  1. koma says:

    Oh my! I so love this new look! The softest romantic watercolors (I am a watercolorist, so this so appeals!)..
    Thrilled to have you back online, and seeing your words singing across the page!
    And yes, it IS a new year (new spring) of hope…and joy….and the belief that amazing things can happen!

  2. Nicola says:

    Oh, how lovely that Finley is making you a cuppa! My eldest Stephen is always asking me whether he’s old enough to make me a coffee yet, but based on the cordial stains I find every morning I’m not ready to trust him with a kettle!

  3. Margaret says:

    Hurrah you’re back. Lovely new look.

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh so pretty! Enjoying the softness and vintage pictures you have put together! One of the loveliest things about you is that you are a real person (and not afraid to share it!) just like the rest of us. You continue to revamp, renew, and beautify your life and home just as the rest of us do…even when life throws us challenges. Thanks so much!! Woohoo spring!!

  5. futurewoman says:

    Alllsion, you inspire me with your words and recommendations!! Love the new site!! I printed out all of the Rose Library so when the site was down ( here in Pittsburgh about a week) I will still able to keep up with the lovely programs!! Spring comes a bit later here, so I will look forward to about one more month of this dark, cold winter!!

  6. jeanette says:

    Alison, this is truly a beautiful new site!! It feels fresh, yet still comfortably familiar. I love it!!!! Thank you for always listening to your readers and being yourself! !

  7. Angel Jem says:

    Love the new look! It’s beautiful but not twee. And, yes, isn’t it brilliant when They get older enough and loving enough to bring you tea?

  8. Lisa says:

    Love the new look to the site, so pretty and it’s definitely in the Brocante style.

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