A Sunny Date With My Boy…

By Alison June 4, 2010 9 Comments 1 Min Read

Hello Darlings, it’s almost the last day of half-term and by special request my little dancing monkey (complete with lollipop and pretend tattoo) and I are off out on a very special trip indeed to Build-A-Bear (I’ve taken out a second mortgage!) and say hello to the dinosaurs at the World  Museum, Liverpool.
I say special request because Finley has requested my company and my company alone: “No Richard, no Daddy, no Nana and GanGan, no Kath-just you and me and ten thousand Liverpool strangers please Mummy”, and so that is what we are doing. With sunglasses perched on our heads and gluten free treats packed in my bag we are setting off on the train as soon as I can persuade him to brush his teeth…
Have a lovely day won’t you Housekeepers?


  1. Victoria says:

    Have fun! I love Build-a-Bear!
    Victoria xx

    1. Brocante says:

      I have managed to resist it since Finn was born but the delight on his face today was well worth his wait. One jungle exploring, guitar playing bear called Snuggy is now sleeping soundly next to my babba!

  2. Victoria says:

    Have fun! I love Build-a-Bear!
    Victoria xx

  3. Well, isn't that a precious request,wanting just Mummy?So sweet,and so fleeting.Enjoy your day, and your sweet boy, Alison!
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    1. Brocante says:

      Thanks Wendy, it was such good fun!

  4. Stacy says:

    How adorable!!! I love the gigantic sucker in his hand. He is such a cutie pie.
    I haven't been to Build A Bear in ages. There aren't any close to me. Maybe I'll have to take my kidlets to the one in the next town soon.
    I love that he wanted to spend the day with his mommy. They outgrow that all too soon.

  5. Debbi says:

    Ooohhhhhhh! It is to special to bear! {No pun intended. Really} It's times like these that make it all worthwhile, don't you think!? World's cutest dancer! I love it! Just love it!

  6. Jeanne says:

    What a sweetie! I have a little free-spirited dancing boy, too — and he delights my heart to no end — I hope you are having a wonderful time, no doubt you are.

  7. Terri says:

    How adorable….he is such a cutie, love his curls…you should do more videos of him and videos of some of your puttery treats that you do !!! Love It:):)

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