A TimeTable For Baking Day.

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Taken from "Home Catering and Cookery", 1956.

"The housewife who caters for a large family will find it more economical of time and energy, as well as of fuel, to have one baking period for the scones, cakes and bun’s needed for the whole week. The various items will, of course have to be stored in airtight tins’ or they will of course become stale..

The schedule outlined below gives an example of what can be done in just over three hours. The programme can be varied to suit individual families, but it is important that the items requiring the shortest baking time and the hottest oven, should be tackled first. Those needing a longer time to cook and a cooler oven should be left to last. Once in the oven they can then look after themselves for the required period.

It is also important to study very carefully the baking instructions which come with the cooker. Controls do vary with the individual makes of stove.

A Mornings baking to cover:

Plain scones.

Rock cakes.

Queen Cakes.

Victoria Sandwich.


The TimeTable.

  • 9.45a.m: Get out all the baking-tins and grease them. Get out all ingredients and cooking utensils.
  • 10.00a.m: Light oven and set at heat necessary for scones. Make scones.
  • Put scones in oven. Make rock cakes.
  • 10.25a.m: Take scone’s out of oven. Cool on a cake-tray after taking then out of their baking-tins. Turn oven to heat required to bake rock cakes.
  • 10.30a.m: Put rock cakes into oven. Make Victoria sandwich mixture, but using 4 eggs instead of two and doubling the quanities of all other ingredients because this amount will make both the Victoria sandwich and the Queen cakes.
  • 10.45 a.m: Rock cakes should now be ready to take out of oven, but can be left there a little longer if necessary. Cool rock cakes on cake-tray, first removing them from their baking-tins. Turn oven heat to that for Queen cakes. 
  • 10.50 a.m: Divide sandwich mixture in half. Add fruit to one half- this will make the Queen cakes- and put into bun tins, or paper cases. Cook Queen cakes.
  • 10.55 a.m: Put remainder of sandwich mixture into two 7 inch sandwich tins and put in larder or refridgerator till needed.
  • 11.10 a.m: Take Queen cakes out of oven. Now put the filled sandwich tins into oven. Take Queen cakes out of their tins and allow to cool on cake-tray. Prepare gingerbread.
  • 11.30 a.m: If it is ready, take out sandwich and put gingerbread into oven. Wash up all basins, spoons, and baking tins. Put them away. Put away all ingredients into their usual places.
  • 11.45 a.m: Prepare midday meal, leaving gingerbread in oven to cook.
  • 1.00 p.m: Take gingerbread out of oven, place on cake-rack.

Note: When the Victoria sandwich is cool, spread jam (or any other desired filling) on the lower half. Place top half in position and dredge with icing sugar. Exact times have been given for cooking these items, but it will be necessary for the cook to use her own judgement as to the precise moment when any scone or cake, shall be taken out of the oven…"


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