A Very Puttery September

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I know! It’s almost the end of November, and here I am offering you a tiny selection of the treats included in Septembers Puttery Post, but hey ho, I’m Alison, and never let it be said that I am not the most dis-organized person you know.
I’m not proud but there you have it: I get there in the end!
September on the Puttery Post was a particularly scrumptious affair and while there were treats for everything from Mustard baths to lavender cleaning vinegar, these were my particular favorites…

International Literacy Day

It is International Literacy Day and on the home front this has to be about creating a domestic culture in which reading and writing are treasured.
And so tonight I wanted to suggest a little game to play with children of reception age and above. A game that will leave you with a puttery, scrumptiously silly, occasionally joyful record of your babba’s childhood.
In my house we have played this game since Finley was just beginning to read and I credit it both with opening the lines of communication between us and encouraging regular and impromptu reading and writing at home.
Being a rather raucous little boy Finley prefers to conduct this game on makeshift paper aeroplanes that come sailing into my bedroom whenever the mood takes him, but you can, particularly where little girls are concerned simply leave your notes to each other in a pretty little journal.
One simply begins by sending a little note asking your child a question, the sillier the better, because in this way you capture your child’s imagination. Then when they answer the question you simply keep the paper conversation going, by asking another question or sending a daft little love note
Paper aeroplanes can be left on your child’s pillow, a notepad tucked under the sheet for her to find, but the important point is that in order for the exercise to be worthwhile the child must be required to both READ the question and WRITE the answer…
While you squirrel away the cuter notes for posterity…

Brocante Bubbles

If you are doing some extra-curricular fall cleaning this September, then chances are that in the course of scrubbing everything from the skirting boards to the dog you will get through bucket loads of mild soap because it really is the most versatile of cleaning products.
But wouldn’t it be twice as lovely to have dish soap fragranced with your signature scent, and without the dubious chemicals manufacturers seem to feel obliged to add?
Making your own dish soap is easy peasy and every time I whisk a bottle or two up I resolve to never buy shop-bought washing-up liquid again…
Frothy Brocante Bubbles.
1 and 1/2 Cups of white soap flakes
1/2 a Cup of lemon juice
3 Pints of warm water
1 tablespoon of glycerine
3 -4 drops of aromatherapy oil
Put the soap flakes in a large pan and add the water. Warm gently until the flakes have dissolved, then stir in the glycerine and remove from the heat.
Allow the mixture to cool then pour in the lemon juice, add the aromatherapy oils and stir until your arm drops off.
Decant into a squeezy bottle or something scrumptious with a pourer and get scrubbing…
Pass me the marigolds Darling!

The Happy List

We women are such funny little things aren’t we? We wander around muttering about the mild discontent we like to call unhappiness, and then when pressed to say exactly what it is that would make us happy we barely know…
Today I want to suggest a puttery journaling exercise that will have you digging deep inside your scrumptiously flustered little mind to try to remember all the teeny tiny moments of bliss you have stashed there for eternity…
Begin by sharpening a pencil and then spilling your creative mind on paper. Write the prompt “These are the things that make me happy…” at the top of the page and write until your hand hurts.
Don’t dwell. Don’t stop to think, just let your pencil move across the page and see what it is your heart believes makes you feel happiest. Write about old films, Frank Sinatra and gin martini’s. Write about the way your husband tickles you arm, long chats on the phone with your oldest friend, and puddle jumping with the kids. List your favorite songs and the best meals you have ever eaten. Write about freshly puffed pillows, towels warm from the dryer and cupcakes piled with buttercream.
And when you are done, make yourself a cup of tea and relax in the glow of personal well-being, certain now that you have in your hands a map to joy…
What could be lovelier?

Oh hells bells, at the risk of blowing my own twinkly trumpet, I do so LOVE my puttery treats!
If the Puttery Post has taken your fancy you can buy each months Puttery treats for $3.00 a month below…

Happy (End of!) November Housekeepers!

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