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By Alison February 9, 2010 No Comments 3 Min Read

As the library of BrocanteHome PDF’s grows, I am finding it more of a nuisance to track and view them on my laptop, without going to the bother of referring to the bother of referring to the printed editions I keep in my Housekeepers Planner. So as I am wont to do, I set about finding an app that would help me, and lo and behold I happened upon Adobe Digital Editions, which allows me to gather all my PDF’s and EPub format downloads in one easy library and with one click view them within the integral brower. Easy peasy!
In the first image above you can see the first page of my “Library” of PDF’s, which you can view  as a whole or categorised into sections of your own devising. When you want to view a PDF, you click the little arrow next to the one you have chosen and choose “Open Item” and it opens all by itself, so you can view it just as you would traditionally view a PDF, as below, where I can be seen viewing Page 22 of the Brocantehome Christmas Planner…

So how do you get this joyous little wonder for yourself? Well, first things first you will need to download Adobe Air. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, it is simply the program Adobe Digital Editions (and many other wondrous applications!) uses to work.
1. So take yourself over to and press the yellow button that says Download Now, then follow the very simple requests to get Adobe Air on to your system.
2. When Adobe air is fully downloaded, hop on over to , then scroll down the page and click the brown Launch box to set the Digital Editions Installer in motion, then follow the very simple, very standard instructions and in the blink of an eye you will see the black Digital Editions Reader open on top of your browser and you are ready to start grabbing your utterly scrumptious Brocante PDf’s and creating your very own little library(which really is as easy as opening a file on your computer, choosing a PDF and pressing open and quick as a flash it will be sitting in your Digital Editions Browser before you know it!)
Should you be very taken with the possibilities of Adobe Air a quick browse around the Air Marketplace will throw up all manner of stand-alone applications, but my absolute favorite and the one I can barely live without now is Flair..

A really rather fabulous browser for image finding on Flickr that for me at least saves hours of legwork hopping through pages of images on the site itself and instead provides me with a neat little pop up search box. This brings up hundreds of images based on the keyword or phrase that I input, that I can then scroll through or individually light-box faster than I can get through a fun size Mars Bar.
Fabulous isn’t it?

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