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By Alison March 31, 2010 No Comments 2 Min Read

Oh my goodness I have been meaning to share these these gorgeous journal pages from Alisa Noble of Life Is A Beautiful Place To Be fame for the longest time, because not only are they scrumptiously lovely (as all of Alisa’s work is, they were also inspired by my very own Puttery Post and I’m not sure there is a higher compliment than to have your work inspire something you so ardently admire yourself…

    Based on two posts from the beginning of January, Alisa has taken my suggestions for choosing a word to inspire you throughout 2010 and creating a list of books you want to work your way through monthly (come hell, high water or a brand new Marion Keyes!) and created the kind of pretty I couldn’t put together if you offered me free reign in the Brocante’s of Paris as a reward…
    But then that is the purpose of the Puttery Post: it isn’t about inflicting my puttery will upon you, it is about giving you daily starting points for thinking, and dreaming, and home-making and creating, and from those starting points letting your imagination fly, whether I’m asking you to create a garden journal or take a chamomile bath… the degree of lovely, you see, is always up to you.
    Thank you Alisa, for being one of my Vintage Housekeepers, and for being so very, very talented.

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