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By Alison June 30, 2014 10 Comments 2 Min Read

Happy Monday lovelies, this post is a day or two later than expected because being mildly around the bend I had forgotten that the “no technology” element of The Creative Home Spa (more on this later) would make it impossible for me to hop on the computer this weekend and write up this post!
And so here we finally are, with one competition winner, and two prize drawer winners chosen by random number generator. But first let me tell you how thoroughly grateful I am to each and every one of you: you have really opened my eyes to what you need me to be writing about and there were some truly great ideas in the list of those submitted that I shall be taking on board and using to create School of Life courses and indeed posts here on BrocanteHome. This is our site, and I want it to reflect your needs and interests, so rest assured I hear ya…
* You want more specific, less general, home-making advice.
* You struggle with establishing a comfortable work/life balance.
* You want to create cosy, uncluttered, vintage homes that work with your existing furnishings, and circumnavigates the chaos other members of the family (mostly men) inflict on your home.
* You have got babies and children and need help establishing routines and rituals that work around them.
* You need help meal-planning, budgeting and shopping and eating the Brocante Way.
* You want to embrace a little more of yesteryear, with a healthy dose of fragrant, organic life thrown in.
Right?? Trust me, I hear you Sweetheart…

And so without further ado.. the winners!

The grand prize goes to Susan Telford, who submitted this comment…
I struggle to balance home and life. My house ceases to be my nest and just another chore. I love tranquillity, order, comfort, home cooked meals, a lovely cottage garden, but just don’t have time to achieve it. I need the nourishment of a sanctuary at home, but need little baby steps to achieve it. Suggestion : 30 minutes a day to create a sanctuary at home. Monthly instalments with housekeeping stuff, seasonal food, what to do in garden, self care stuff. I would pay $10 a month for that!
I chose Susan’s post because I think it summarises many of the other entries: you haven’t got time but you are absolutely committed to creating a sanctuary at home, and you have a vision of how you want life to look and feel. And so from this post, the germ of an idea for what will be known as the Housekeepers Digest has been borne and and we have Susan to thank for it!
The Housekeepers Digest will go out monthly (starting on July 28th)  and will be exactly as Susan described: a monthly list of little to-do’s and treats to help you achieve sanctuary. How wonderful does that sound? Though I won’t be charging quite as much as $10.00 for it, because I want it to be accessible to as many of you as possible, I want you to think of it as the first step to a Brocante magazine that we have ever had…
And my two prize draw winners? Vintagechick22 and Antonella, who both receive a set of  Cath Kidston pillowcases each…
If all three winners could send me their postal addresses, the prizes will be forwarded in the next couple of days.
A million thanks to everyone else who entered too. I so very much appreciate your input.x


  1. OoohOooh I am giddy with excitement! Thank you so much Alison! Oddly enough I have been thinking about you this weekend, re reading ‘love life and vintage housekeeping’ in an effort to get my act together! What a lovely start to my week xx

  2. Susan Telford says:

    Hi Alison,
    Wow, wow, wow! Doing the happy dance!
    So glad to have won and looking forward to the Housekeeper’s Digest.
    Here’s to a beautifully tranquil Brocante life!
    Love and big big thank you 🙂
    Susan x

  3. Anna says:

    Can’t wait to sign up for these!

  4. Laurie says:

    Hi Alison,
    This sounds divine! I’ve always thought of myself as a Vintage Homemaker, but would love to implement more of your wonderful ideas into my life.

  5. Antonella says:

    Wow, I won! Thanks a lot!!! This has really brightened a gloomy day!!!

  6. Susan Telford says:

    Hi Alison
    Did you receive my postal address? I sent it via the contact me button on your website.
    Really looking forward to receiving my prizes!

  7. Antonella says:

    did you receive my postal address? I sent it via the contact me button on your website!
    All the best

  8. Susan Telford says:

    Still haven’t received my prize! Alison, did you forget?
    Sent you an email, but haven’t received a reply either.

  9. Susan Telford says:

    Still didn’t receive my prize. Very disappointing , Alison, especially as I have received no reply to emails I sent you. I was worried that it had got lost in the post , but now beginning to think there never was a prize. Did the other winners receive anything? Feeling let down!

  10. Susan says:

    Now 3 months since you announced I won the grand prize. Every day I hurry home hoping today is the day I get my parcel. Was excited, then annoyed, then worried it was lost in the post, then sympathetic when I read about your tough summer, now just feeling disappointed. Wish you would reply. Wondering if I should cancel my subscription , wondering if the prize, the Housekeeper’s Digest , the School of Life will ever materialise.
    I want to act with love, so I will give it one more month. I hope by the end of October I will receive the prize and be implementing your ideas.
    I love your work, Alison, but I feel sad that you had a competition to gain fresh ideas, raised my hopes of a nice wee prize, then didn’t deliver or explain why.

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