By Alison January 24, 2007 4 Comments 0 Min Read


  1. cindy says:

    It's simply devine! What a lovely idea! Will make one for my own at once!

  2. Paris Parfait says:

    Well I'm too lazy to make one of my own just yet – I just ordered one like this! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Clare says:

    Lovely – it has a touch of Michal Negrin about it!

  4. peggy says:

    My dear I read your blog every day. Do not be a sad mommy. Spring is on it's way with all the beauties it brings. I have been reading for months, and I feel as if you have come so far. If you and Finn ever need a Holiday in the States you are welcome in my home. Besides the men here are fab.

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