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By Alison January 5, 2011 4 Comments 4 Min Read

Though you may have come to know me as she of the puttery treats, very few will realise that when it comes to Firefox and Chrome extensions, WordPress plugins and  ipod/phone/pad apps, I’m also your girl because my curiosity knows no bounds and I leave no stone unturned in my relentless search for lovely little whaties (as they will hereby be known) that go some way to making life easier in what ever playground I happen to be playing in….
I mean really, who knew??
Up until now I have chosen to keep this saucy little side of myself a secret because it didn’t strike me as a good fit with  the pinny wearing, vinegar loving housekeeper you have come to know and love, but this is a whole new decade and even the most vintage of us girls need to get with the program!
While vintage housekeeping might be the premise behind  Brocantehome, my intention has always been to show you the way to make life scrumptious in the bestest way I know how. In the six years that I have been online, times have been a-changing, and while my personal aesthetic has only changed in so much that is now significantly pared down, the way I live has I think changed quite significantly.
Back then I popped in and out of the bank, relied on recipe books, opened atlas’s and dictionarys, spent an awful lot of time browsing around the library and making notes in the notebook I carried everywhere with the kind of propelling pencil I still can’t live without. I caught up with the news on BBC at Ten, had stacks of Sunday papers on the table all week long and owned a big, fat filofax.
And now things are different. I can’t remember the last time I stood in line at the bank.  I own a Kindle full of books, I can find five hundred recipes for cherry scones in the blink of an eye, I run my life through Google, read all my news online, text myself reminders and use my mobile as a dictaphone. And now as I keep on saying (because I’m delighted!) I have joined the ranks of the i-generation, tapping my life into a shiny little ipod, calling up YouTube when I feel like it and falling asleep to the tune of whatever takes my fancy.
Times have changed and we have changed in ways we have barely even acknowledged yet. Blogging has changed. Vintage housekeeping has changed. Not because we have thrown away the lemons in favour of that nasty old bleach all over again, or chucked out the chintz in favour of stainless steel and smoked glass, but because life is offering us a million and one opportunities to conjour up time and space all over again, and just as the Victorian Housewife would have been a fool to turn her nose up at the host of labour saving tools the Industrial Revolution delivered to her door, so to, would be daft to frown upon all those things the Technolgical Revolution can offer us in terms of transforming both the way we run our working lives and indeed, the way we keep house.

All this to say that once a week I will be pointing you in the direction of a fabulous new  app or plugin that I hope will make all the difference to your domestic life as a terribly modern Vintage Housekeeper!
Kicking off this week Darlings, with an app for the ipod and iphone called Intuition, which is quite frankly the working womans dream reminder app. While both the web and the iTune’s App Store are abundant with To-lists and Reminder applications, none has quite floated my girly homemaking boat in the way that this one does, with customiseable sections for grocery shopping, calls to make, family reminders and wish lists, alongside a calendar that integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, fast ways to share lists on email, Twitter and Facebook and the kind of location based  community integration that  seems to be all the rage these days.
Simple to navigate via the pretty little drop down flower and terribly easy to tick off lists and groceries as they are done or bought, this app couldn’t be easier to use, and has neatly bridged the gap between my scatty little head and the Google Calender I rely on daily, when I’m out and about.
Download it free here!


  1. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for this! It's fab- I've been looking for a free app like this for ages. I've spent the whole evening staring at my iPhone, much to my husband's amusement…..

    1. brocantehome says:

      My friend Kath giggled at me all round the supermarket as I consulted my fabulous virtual shopping list this morning…

  2. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for this! It's fab- I've been looking for a free app like this for ages. I've spent the whole evening staring at my iPhone, much to my husband's amusement…..

  3. Stef Robins says:

    Wow thanks for writing about Intuition, it's only my most favorite app in the world!
    "Intuition, which is quite frankly the working woman's dream reminder app"
    – I just couldn't agree more. When I started using Intuition, I became much more organized and much less stressed, not to mention, forgetful! 🙂

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