Aprons For A Bachelor Girl

By Alison October 29, 2008 1 Min Read


" The bachelor girl who has her own meals to prepare after returning from the office will find on this page a good selection of suitable aprons. All these deigns have the advantages of being easy to make, easy to launder, and easy to put on, added to the fact that they are exceedingly attractive."

She has only one room but it’s home you see
And precious as anyone’s home can be.
She’s coloured the walls an eggshell blue;
They were drab before – an impossible hue!
And little Miss Smith, with the kindly face
Has sent her some curtains of creamy lace.
She has scrubbed the floor- it was terribly brown-
And now she has put the oilcloth down.
And Granny has sent her a rug – dark red-
It looks so cosy beside the bed!
A cupboard there is for plates and things;
A kettle upon the gas-ring sings.
There’s a comfy chair, and a shelf with books,
A chest of drawers and some useful hooks.
She’s asked the price at the next street store
Of curtains to keep the draught from the door.
It was her birthday awhile ago,
And the table came as a gift from Flo;
The little brown teapot came from Meg;
The pretty white cups from Molly and Peg.
Somehow or other the whole room’s fraught
With scraps of somebody’s friendly thought.
And so she declares that, wherever you’d roam,
There’s nothing to beat her one-room home!

Lilian Gard, 1918. 

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