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By Alison September 10, 2023 No Comments 7 Min Read

Well now. I feel a bit daft trying to encourage you to step into Autumn, when here in England, we are in the midst of a frankly silly-hot heatwave, but Autumn it is and it remains my duty here at Brocantehome to keep you on scrumptious schedule.

While I somewhat lost my creative mojo last year, it is back in abundance now and I’m so ready to creating the pretty, the useful and the inspirational! And so today I bring you a quick and happy little round-up of all that I have planned for you over the next few months, and I really hope it inspires you to get your Autumn on regardless of whether you are currently dallying around the garden in a bikini, for we are nothing if we are not planners of the puttery kind now are we?

Ok let’s dive right in, because there is an Indian Summer to be enjoyed and a child to pack off to university and we all know I can waffle if I don’t keep a check on myself, so without further ado:

1. All My Posts in Your In-Box.

You asked, so I’m delivering! Though I have long been loathe to bombard you with too many emails (no-one likes a bombarder do they?), I have been assured that a simple weekly emails sharing my latest posts would not be harassment of the blogging kind. You must however opt-in. So simply look for the pop-up form at the bottom of each page on BrocanteHome, sign-up and lo and behold, each and every Friday, as if by magic, a little list will land in your in-box, thank-you kindly.

2 A Gentle Brocante Christmas

As promised, my stripped down, frugal guide to a gentler Brocante Christmas is due to land on October 1st.

This softly-spoken guide includes a host of puttery treats, tiny rituals, homemaking-recipes and planning pages, and is designed to reflect our changing times with both a stripped back design and festive attitude as together we start to embrace what really matters.

A Gentle Brocante Christmas will be $20.00 when it goes live in my Etsy store on the 1st October, but as usual if you pre-order it today you will save $5.oo and it is yours for $15.00 and as usual will be delivered upon release.

Those in the library will find it in The Brocante Year on the same date. So order it here for $15.00 now, or join the Library for 29.00 per month here – or $199.00 annually here (or keep scrolling for an AMAZING Lifetime offer below!) and get A Gentle Brocante Christmas and everything else in my Etsy store (and much more besides!) included in your subscription.

3 Woman. In Bits.

One of the things that fills up my soul is writing and I haven’t been doing enough of it lately. And so starting on the 19th September, I am starting a new a new write-a-long series on BrocanteHome.

So join me on the blog as I write the story of my life in short, and share prompts for you to do the same. Let’s un-do ourselves one paragraph at a time, tell our truth and excavate the fragments of the story of our lives. And let’s do it together.

4. A NEW Winter Playbook

Oooooh YES! On November 15th I am bringing you a gorgeous NEW Winter playbook, veritably stuffed with cozy joyful to-do’s, stories, inspiration and other brilliant bits and beautiful bobs.

My original Playbooks were a HUGE success when I released them a few years ago and since then I have been accumulating all manner of vintage ephemera I want to share and so it is: a new Playbook!

Arriving on November 15th, (so just in time to plunge rather prettily into the long nights of Winter), the PlayBook will be $29.00, but order it today and it is yours for $20.00 and will be delivered on the 15th November.

Again. those in the library will find it in The Brocante Year on the same date. So order it here for $20.00 now, or join the Library today.

5. Immersion Meal Plans

Immersion 365 has been an astounding success, and for those in the Library, its about to get even better with a monthly meal plan and macro-counted recipes arriving in time for you to plan an October full of deliciousness…

Designed to help you align Renaissance Lifestyle (my extensive wellbeing program) with planning your month the Immersion 365 way, the recipes have been created by a registered dietician and will truly help you to make sense of living well as you experiment with a variety of ways of eating and over the year build up a lovely selection of recipes you can mix and match to suit the way you live.

6 And Finally!

It wouldn’t be a Brocante Autumn if it didn’t include a special offer, now would it? So today I am inviting you to get access to all I create here at BrocanteHome and FOREVER MORE during this Brocante Lifetime, for just $299.00 – a whopping $100.00 off the current price of $399,00 for your LIFETIME Brocante Library ticket. With everything described above, Immersion 365, all my Etsy Printables, wonderful wellbeing courses, Christmas the Brocante way, Renaissance Lifestyle and so very much more, there truly isn’t ANYTHING comparable in terms of value online for those nurturing heart, home, body and soul.

So today is the day to grab a bargain and grant yourself an Autumn spent plotting your way to a lovelier way of life. Just click here to to get your Lifetime Ticket for $299.00 Today!

Happy Autumn, to each and every one of you.

PS: You will notice changes over the next few weeks on the site and things may seem to come and go astray in wily-nilly fashion, but rest assured that whatever vanishes is likely to re-emerge in its new place, so do bear with, won’t you? I do enjoy somewhat shifting the furniture, so to speak and needs must I’m afraid! So please allow me to apologise for any short-term inconvenience.

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