Bling Bottles!

By Alison January 9, 2006 No Comments 1 Min Read


Believe me, I do know it is undignified to rave about, well, anything really.  Because if we are to pretend that we are too cool for this vintage school, then it  serves us well to maintain our composure in the face of scrumptious Bling

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: we all could use a bit of glitz in our lives, and these charming dusty bottles are the most divinely scrumptious way to bring a bit of vintage glamour to our window sills…

Says Chris:

BLING BOTTLES are old, crusty found bottles
from  around Texas and emblazed with vintage,
sometimes rare rhinestone pins,
earrings, shoe
clips and brooches from the
30's, 40's and 50's. A true staple for
the modern
country homestead.
Simply beautiful displayed in a group
or along on a
countertop with a
single white rose.

Says Me: Divine. Go bling up your life.

Just promise me you will give the  goldie looking chain and Madonna style shiny tracksuits a miss?

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