Happy Christmas Sweeties!

By Alison December 24, 2013 13 Comments 2 Min Read

I am having the most perfect Christmas Eve: a smorgasbord of friends and frankincense scented memories. Bing Crosby is reading stories in the living room and the bells on the wreath are jingle jangling in a jolly fashion as people come and go….
There is of course still  to be much done. Cinnamon rolls and ginger cakes to be baked for a sweet breakfast tomorrow and Finley’s presents to be wrapped and spirited away to Santa before he sets off on his travels. Though I have felt truly demented throughout the entirety of December, today that lovely sense of it’s here that Christmas Eve brings, has settled on my shoulders and I am wandering around more serene than I have felt in a long time: the promise of a New Year just around the corner and all the joy of watching an excited little boy try to fall asleep on the night before Christmas waiting for me this evening…
It isn’t perfect of course: I’m not really sure I want a chocolate box Christmas this year. Though I could do without the rather hilarious pimple that has sprung up unbidden on my forehead, I wouldn’t be without the mess in my bedroom, where one’s very own elves have set up a wrapping factory and see no chance of creating the calm cream bedroom I usually insist upon before nightfall. The house is less contrived than in previous years, relaxed and cosy  and I have avoided being the rather mental dictator of all things festive that I usually am by popping Kalms and supping mulled wine by intraveneous drip!
I feel good. I feel festive, tingly happy and a little giddy. I am looking forward to stuffing stockings and serving Bucks Fizz, to hearing Mark open the front door at seven o’clock tomorrow morning and announce Santa’s arrival, and to saying goodbye to the bestest Doctor Who ever tomorrow night with Finn, who has already pre-warned me of potential tears and possible hysteria. To all the rituals that shape Christmas in my house and yours. To sprouts and stuffing, Quality street and Miranda. I love Miranda. I feel like Miranda and all too often wish I could turn to the camera and apologise for the crazy antics of all those I love at Christmas time…
This then is Christmas. Joy and silly hats. The worry of not having bought something Finley has bet me one pound Father Christmas will DEFINITELY be bringing him! Books (lots of books please!!) and gin and lemonade. Silly festive aprons. Huge crackers. Half an hour stolen in my bedroom to just pause and breathe and absorb all the teeny tiny joys of the day…
This then is Christmas. May yours be utterly lovely. And fun and messy and silly and twinkly and glittery and wonderful.x


  1. Gena King says:

    Happy Christmas Alison! Have a lovely time xx

  2. Susan says:

    Merry Christmas Alison,may all your wishes come true! x

  3. Love, Mimi xxx says:

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Carol says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas! I love Christmas Eve, when all is done and the tree lights and decorations seem to have an extra sparkle then.

  5. Tiffani says:

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your evening. I’m off to finish baking.

  6. chrissie says:

    Merry Christmas Alison. I love Christmas Eve ! Gammon on hob, mince pies cooling and cakes iced. Waiting for son to arrive. Have put a little Christmas tree in his bedroom and satsumas and choc coins in a gold dish by his bed. 36 but we all love fuss dont’ we ?

  7. Janet Nixon says:

    Merry Ch

  8. Janet Nixon says:

    Merry Christmas Alison x

  9. Barbara says:

    Just finished wrapping the last gift for dear hubby who is lying in bed, not feeling well. Now is my time to sit with a cup of organic green tea with lemon myrtle, gaze at the white lights of the green tree in a darkened room and think back to Christmas Eves gone by when I would be asleep right now so that Santa would make his appearance. Wishing you all the joy and happiness that is in the air this magical night.

  10. Texas Barb says:

    Merry Christmas Alison ! I raise a glass of rum and coke to your gin and lemonade ! Cheers and Blessings!We made it to Christmas !!! Hooray !!!!! Have a fabulous Christmas Day with Finn, your family and furbaby Alice !

  11. Marianne C. says:

    Merry Christmas Alison and to all the Vintage Housekeepers!

  12. Karla Neese says:

    Oh my girls will be tearfully hysteric right along with you and Finn with the Dr. Who ender.

  13. Ali says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Ali x

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