A Very Puttery Tuesday

By Alison July 16, 2013 3 Comments 1 Min Read

Though I fully intended to cart Finley off to the cinema to see Monsters Inc University today, he has caught an early dose of teenage-itis and wants to spend this, the second day of his Summer holiday, lying on his back issuing orders to his harassed Mama…

Hmmm. Let me make myself clear: I am having none of that. While I might consider it acceptable for my pre-teen monkey to have a few pyjama days at the beginning off his holiday, I for one have got a list as long as my arm of puttery things I want to achieve over the next few weeks so while he is lazing and scooting and x-boxing and practicing his slightly dodgy handwriting, I shall be planning the kind of days that will hopefully coax him out of this beloved house occasionally and doing all the teeny little lovelies I have long had on my mission list of puttery treats

And so today there has been strawberry and almond muffins, cheery cherry cordial lolly ices, a new bed for the kitten fashioned from an empty drawer and the herb drying rack you see above. Tomorrow there will a salt and pepper set fashioned from the teeniest blue gingham topped kilner jars, store-cupboard hummus and ex-libris labels popped inside the gorgeous set of leather backed classics I acquired at the recent school books sale…

Finn, no doubt, will spend his day battling Arkham City and begging for another lolly ice.

All is as it should be, m’dears.  


  1. Tiffani says:

    That herb drying rack is lovely! I’ll be spending my day making raspberry jam and hopefully painting the walls in the playroom/office.

  2. Heather F says:

    My kids couldn’t wait for summer break so they could sleep in, stay in their pjs all day, and play xbox until their eyes melted. Then, by the second day of that they were bored silly. Finn will be grateful for all your planning…trust me.

  3. Rose says:

    Have a good summer “break”. Like Tiffani I love the herb drying rack, I’m going to study it closely.

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