Too Beautiful for Words

By Alison March 7, 2014 5 Comments 0 Min Read

It is Friday. Perhaps you are weary after a long week, or counting down the hours until something wonderful arrives at the weekend. Perhaps, Sweetheart, you simply need transporting out of this moment in time and taken to a place where you will be reminded why life is such a blessing.

This then is my Friday gift to you: five minutes of absolute wonder. Meditative bliss for the worn and the weary.


  1. Jeanette says:

    Tears came to my eyes at seeing how little and precious newborn babies are. Cecelia turned 9 months old yesterday. She has been out of me as long as she has been in and I am dizzy at how fast it has happened. I wish I saw this video earlier, I would have loved to do this when she was born! Now I must show this to my sister who is due at the end of May!

    1. brocantehome says:

      Cecelia is such a beautiful name Jeanette…x

      1. Jeanette says:

        Thank you Alison! Cecelia Jane was named after my two grandmothers. Grandma Jane passed away a few years ago. She was the quietest, sweetest woman. Very old-fashioned, and I mean that in a good way! My Grandma Cecelia is my loud, funny grandma. Dare I even say- sassy! Both of these woman were complete opposites ( even within themselves) and yet got along very well! I could go on about these two women, but I am hoping that this summer I can go up to Wisconsin and see my Grandma Cecelia (she’s 89) and finally introduce her to her namesake! ( sorry about the long reply-couldn’t help myself!;-)

  2. Imogen says:

    Ah we saw this video this time last year waiting for Violet to be born. It inspired hours of soothing warm floating bath times when she was tiny. I’m filling up watching it again now.

  3. Suzanne Harris says:

    That was one of the loveliest, most loving things I have ever seen.

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