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By Alison January 10, 2013 18 Comments 5 Min Read

Yes Gorgeous, it’s back: the really, rather fabulous BrocanteHome Life Audit: The Where I’m At post that was kicking my butt throughout 2012 to remind me what was good about my life and make known to the universe all that I was struggling with.

And then WordPress ate six months worth of lasy years lovely posts and the format I had set out for the Audit was gone and so I have had no choice but to pop over to Alison at Mumtopia, who has been doing a fine job of doing a regular Audit of her own, and copy the format back. One of these days I will be the organized version of me don’t you know?

Until then we are all gonna have to make do…

Lets get the Audit started shall we? And as always do feel free to take both the graphic and Life Audit prompts for a post of your own…

Today I am… worrying about Finley’s biopsy tomorrow. Going shopping because I will be in the house all weekend while he recovers. Astonished by how organized my house feels at the moment: a sign that my brain is in a state of flux…

Feeling… Cold. the temperature seems to have dropped to gotta have the heating on permanently status and I am wearing a plum coloured thermal vest all day everyday. Better. My thyroid levels are getting closer to normal and my head seems to be following suit.  And  proud of myself. Because I am blazing my own trail through the darkest of days…

Reading… Live More Want Less by Mary Carlomagno because I am continuing to reduce the emotional, financial and physical clutter I have been hauling around for the past fifteen years and this is a wise guide and a total bargain at just $2.51 for the Kindle- all that and it is filling in time nicely while I wait for my copy of Bricks and Mortar by Helen Ashton to arrive…

Eating… Soup, soup and more soup. Now I am not and never have been a kitchen gadget person. I have never owned an ice cream make, waffle maker or even a food mixer and I have never felt any the poorer for it, but now I am utterly besotted by my soup-maker. Truly, I hate to go on about it, but a gadget that frys, sautes, cooks and blends ingredients into soup in twenty minutes with no mess? It’s heaven and it is helping me reduce the red meat in my diet as I slowly transition back to the vegetarian I was up until I was seduced by a cocktail sausage when I was twenty five…

Planning… The BrocanteHome Folio: a new monthly download available soon – a collection of vintage housewives’ writing with commentary and puttery treats from yours truly. Free of course to my lovely Housekeeping Superstars!

Dreaming of… Russell Brand obviously. Ooh and the back garden in Springtime because I absolutely adore shifting its Winter blanket and bringing it back to life.

Coveting… this rose quartz ring for who wouldn’t want to wear a symbol of love and peace on their finger? Oh and if the universe is listening I would just adore a set of Mrs.Whites Physick food grade essential oils if you please…

Wishing… Sleep came easier and when it came that it wasn’t the tumultuous journey through all kinds of hairy dreams that it always has been. How I long to close my eyes and wake up properly refreshed…

Working On… the next part of Muse. For delivery next Thursday. And getting my nonsense on to Ebay and a collection of pretty Vintage stuff on to Etsy very soon…

Celebrating… my gorgeous little boy. Because he is brave, joyful and creative. So I am piling oodles of tiny treats into his days at the moment because I want him to know what a gorgeous young man he is turning into and how very proud I am of his innate kindness and skewiff way of looking at our crazy little life together…

Grateful For… having guts. Rocket fuel coffee first thing in the morning. And Nigel Slater, who reminds me that not every meal has to be a production. That eating isn’t a performance art. But is instead about taste. And nibbling. And flavour. If ever there was a cook who could write, it is he.

And finally tomorrow I will be… In Alder Hey. A wonderful children’s hospital we are blessed to live only twenty minutes away from.

On my to-do list this month?

* Write my personal manifesto…
* Enjoy another weekend away at The Swan with Kath… (We would move in if we could!)
* Re-fill the stationery drawers under my desk.
* Gather all Finley’s latest artwork and photograph it in his ArtKhive.
* Order a Keepsy book full of my 2012 Instagrams. (Ordered two as presents for Christmas and they were lovely!)
* Cook a curry from scratch…

Happy January Housekeepers!


  1. Live More Want Less and Russell Brand — two of my favorites, too. What was Katy Perry thinking???

  2. Heather F says:

    Sending good thoughts to that brave boy of yours.

  3. Will be thinking of you and of dear Finley. Scrumptious posts this year! I feel superstar enthused… Hugs..

  4. I just bought the Mary Carlomagno book – thanks for that! I need to read more things like this while in the parent pick up line at school, rather than suffering through beatings at Words With Friends. We’ll be thinking about you and Finley tomorrow!

  5. Helen says:

    Sending lots of positive vibes to master F and yourself…roll on spring, once we get past this snow they’re forecasting for the weekend…erk!

  6. Lynn says:

    Good luck Finley, love and good wishes coming your way!

  7. Mumtopia is glad to be of service! Just added virtually all your reading books to my amazon wishlist: uh-oh! Also sending you all the best for tomorrow. xx

  8. Katherine says:

    Hoping all is well tomorrow, and for the best test results.

  9. Hey gorgeouschops. Good luck for Finley tomorrow, and how about a coffee next week? I’m off to do my very own audit on the blog (let’s face it, if I can avoid dealing with the final edits of the novel and instead faff about online, I’m going to do it…)


  10. Sophie says:

    Sending both of you love, hope all goes well xxxx

  11. Sophie says:

    Sending both of you love, hope all goes well xxxx

  12. Sally says:

    Hope it’s gone ok today and you and your boy are back home cozied up x

  13. I found Brocante Home blog in 2008 in a class exercise (find blogs you admire) . I started fashionrip.blogspot soon after. At the time my son was going through brain tumor issues after his second surgery and your soft, vintage, intelligent whimsy ( what oh, but we need a new word) helped me feel that despite everything , life was a magnificent thing, minute by precious minute. Thank you and may all be well with Finley. My son now has 2 beautiful daughters and is gaining movement in his face as his nerves recover, he is an ER doc and went through this before his residencey. Remembering the beauty and wonderful creative things in the world helped me stay sane and semi centered. fashionRIP continues to deal with the ecosystem, fashion image, lifestyle, health issues in a unified field concept. Vintage, reuse, creative diversity that aligns with the bigger reality, good thoughts, moving toward dreams and wonderous possibilities open as wetravel towards that light in our hearts. Namaste and thank you

  14. Would love to get involved with this – open to all? x

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oh absolutely Beth! Help yourself.x

      1. Thank you 🙂 – so pleased to have discovered your blog – beautiful!

  15. Thank you 🙂 – so pleased to have discovered your blog – beautiful!

  16. Karla Neese says:

    Love these types of posts so much! You inspired me so I did a Life Audit post as well and borrowed your graphic you so kindly said we could use.

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