Building A Man's Morale.

By Alison January 11, 2005 1 Comment 2 Min Read

Man Oh, How Time’s Change…

"One of the unpaid, unsung tasks of wives is to act as prop and booster of husbandly morale. Women often joke about this, but the wisest of us realise that it is a very important part of marriage. Most men need to be reassured that they are successful, right-minded , fully equal to their responsibilities. They need to know too, that in love they are desirable partners.

Whereas a woman likes to be told she is loved, a man needs to be told he is honoured- and the wife who forgets this courtesy fails quite as much as the husband who never says "I love you."

Most wives, after all, respect their husbands.  We rely on their dependability, strength, calm and reason- and the amazing efforts they will exert for us when the family is in distress.

If you are not married, you will recognize their qualities you can honour in some of the boys you know. These are qualities that matter tremendously in the lifelong career of marriage.

Answer these questions:

Test your own morale-building ability…

Do you:

  1. Willingly accept your husband’s decisions?
  2. Praise him for a good job done in the house or garden- a job too heavy for you to tackle?
  3. Ask his advice in dealing with the children?
  4. Take the advice, when it has been obtained?
  5. Speak well of him to other people, never decry him?
  6. Think of him as heavy -handed and stupid, really, though good natured?
  7. Appreciate his daily job and encourage him in it?
  8. Thank him for housekeeping money?

If all your answers except one are "yeses," then you are a good husband-booster (or would be, if you aren’t married yet). The one exception is to question 6.  Why marry anyone you think stupid or heavy handed? "   

Originally printed in "Woman" magazine, April 4, 1959!!

Well? Are you a good husband-booster?? Have you thanked him for the housekeeping money lately?!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Mmmm, housekeeping money sounds inviting. I just gets as I needs it! Guess that works, eh?!!

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