Emma's Table

By Alison July 23, 2008 2 Min Read

emmas table 

Poor Martha Stewart. Will the torture never end?

Rumour has it that a certain Mr Philip Galane’s latest novel is based around Martha’s ordeal in prison and her subsequent seduction of the public upon her release.

Literary inspiration comes of course from many sources, but one only has to read the publishers blurb to see just how close to home Emma’s Table is to the past few years in Martha Stewart’s life…

"From the moment Emma Sutton walks into the esteemed FitzCoopers auction house, the one-time media darling knows exactly what she wants: an exquisite antique dining table. What she doesn’t realize is what she’s getting: the chance to set things right.

Fresh from a year-long stretch in prison and the public bloodletting that accompanied her fall, Emma needs a clean slate. She finds her life just as she left it, filled with glittering business successes and bruising personal defeats—rolling television cameras and chauffeured limousines, followed by awkward Sunday dinners at home. She knows, deep down, that she needs a change, though she can’t imagine where it might come from or where it will lead.

Enter Benjamin Blackman, a terminally charming social worker who moonlights for Emma on the weekends, and Gracie Santiago, an overweight little girl from Queens, one of Benjamin’s most heartbreaking wards. Together with an eclectic supporting cast—including Emma’s prodigal ex-husband, a bossy yoga teacher, and a tiny Japanese diplomat—the unlikely trio is whisked into a fleet-footed story of unforeseen circumstance and delicious opportunity, as their solitary searching for better paths leads them all, however improbably, straight to Park Avenue and the dynamic woman at the novel’s centre."

See what I mean? Just imagine how utterly mortifying it would be to have your lowest moments immortalised in a novel…

Poor, poor Martha. When all’s said and done, she’s human like the rest of us. Let’s hope the author see’s fit to give her a delightfully happy ending.

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