Warming Florida Water

By Alison February 13, 2014 1 Comment 2 Min Read

Sweeties, the rather ridiculous, but occasionally heavenly spectacle that is Valentines Day is almost upon us, which might just mean that some of you (or your men!) are in the mood for luuurve…

Oh heckity pie yes. This does mean peeling off the layers of cashmere and acrylic and getting naked. On the kind of cold February night when nothing seems less appealing than the kind of shenanigans that might just require hiking the central heating up as high as it will go and downing the kind of stiff vodka’s designed to warm the cockles of your stone cold heart…

But m’dears I have a better use for vodka than using it to gird unwilling loins. For if you are not lucky enough to be taken out to be wined and scrumptiously dined and instead have to conjure up a little romance over the kitchen table, then a girl can get to thinking that parading around the house in a fluffy negligee might just be a teeny tiny waste of that very expensive perfume and so here is my solution: warming Florida Water, a traditional toilet water with a dose of Brocante spice!

Once used to pat down perspiring housewives and sweaty baseball players, Florida water is the American equivalent of Eau de Cologne, and is just the thing when you want a sweet air of spicy, seductive fragrance without the heavy, overwhelming scent of modern perfumes. Particularly if you use it warm instead of ice cold.

And so my Darlings this is my recipe for getting you in the mood to greet Cupid…

The Recipe…

2 cups of distilled water
1/4 cup of vodka
6 drops of bergamot oil
6 drops of lavender oil
3 drops of musk oil
2 drops of clove oil

Combine and stir, then decant into a pump-action bottle. Wrap in a towel and leave above the radiator. Ice cold Florida Water is not funny in February.

The Ritual…

Add a shot or two of vodka to a cup of iced Earl Grey tea, and chuck a parasol into the glass just because you are in the mood for a celebration. Then run a bath and add eight to ten drops of bergamot oil, a deliciously feminine scent renowned for its subtle aphrodisiac properties.

Did I really just type aphrodisiac on BrocanteHome? Apparently so. Anyways…

Sip your earl grey cocktail while Barry White serenades you in the bath, then pummel yourself dry with a frisky  towel to get your circulation pumping. Now douse yourself in warm Florida water. Pour it down your chest and twist around to pour it down your back. Dab it into your pulse points and allow it to warm on your skin without further use of deodarants or other chemicals to disguise the cassolette that is your own scent. Then dress in something light and pretty before heading to the bedroom for whatever it is that floats your boat…

Do have a lovely night won’t you Housekeepers?

P.S: Offering him a Cardomon oil scented massage is renowned for romance…

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  1. Antonella says:

    thanks for the recipe, sounds lovely indeed! Rushing to try it

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