Gnomes At Christmas

By Alison December 20, 2012 2 Comments 1 Min Read

Now this is going to seem terribly random and for that I make no apology. The silly season has arrived and in a firm case of it’s my blog and I will blog about gnomes if I want to, I hereby intend to hang up a picture of a few little gnomes lugging a Christmas tree towards the most perfect little Brocante polka dotty mushroom and leave it at that.
Because I mean really, who knew gnomes were a thing? But they are: a Wintery Christmas thing and those little red mushrooms are apparently the cause of the kind of hallucinatory visions that dreamed up Santa. I ask you again, who knew??

Oh heck, you all did, didn’t you?

Anyways I am digressing. And failing to hang up a picture of gnomes and leave it at that. And anymore of this and you will start to thing I’ve took to drink. Or magic mushrooms. When all I really wanted to tell you is that I’ve got little polka-dotty toadstools on my white Christmas tree and they, along with the copious tins of pineapples I am getting through, are making me feel happy.

It’s so nice happy isn’t it? I do believe happy has polka dots too.


  1. sallypaper says:

    I love your gnomes…Merry Christmas!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love your gnomes,how happy they are. I think polka-dotty anything is joyous.I hope your Christmas and the season as as hole is all you could wish for and more. Love from across the pond, Amanda

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