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How to make the most of the first day of the New Year? How to mark it with the reverie the first day of our beautiful New Year demands? How to make it meaningful?
I lay in bed this morning still wearing the eyeliner pencil moustache my sister had kindly drawn on my top-lip last night and I dwelt on what it really means to pretend that the mere fact of sleep had constructed a wall between all our yesterdays and all our tomorrows when the only difference between the two is hope…

For that is what New Year is about isn’t it? Hope. We draw a line under regret and say this is a fresh page and this time we might not mess things up. This time life will stop being mean. This time I will be better. I hope. Oh yes, dear darling Universe, I hope with all my heart.

And so I got up and turned over the pages of my new calendar and opened up one of my gifts to myself – a cherry red leather Chameleon A5 Filofax (be still my beating heart) – and in the margins of both I wrote hope. This then is my word of the year. The word I will write in the appendices of my January Puttery Companion tonight. The word that keeps on cropping up when I am working on my Leonie Workbook

As usual I am awash with plans for the New Year. To plan is to hope isn’t it? To hope that we  will have the energy, time and resources to bring our plans into fruition. But first I am committed to clearing space enough to make plans unhindered by what is left of last year. To parcelling up regret and pain, for without a doubt 2012 was my very own Annus Horribilus and I’m so very glad to have said goodbye to it…

In the end I have drifted into 2013 on a cloud of ordinary. I went shopping. I ate a lovely roast dinner at my Mums. My Finley fell asleep on my knee. I fed the cat and bought new lampshades.  Tonight there is fresh orange spiced with ginger and stirred with cinnamon. Two new books on my Kindle: Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles” and a book of predictions for 2013 called What’s Next from Marion Salzman. A bedroom scented with my own perfume.

I’m hoping for more of the same Darlings. More of my very own brand of ordinary. More BrocanteHome. More Finley. More books that stir my spirit.  More dedication to creating a home that nurtures my little family. More me. (Though less me around the bottom please?)

May 2013 be kind to all of us.x

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  1. Gayla says:

    I love your word! And bring on a wonderful year filled with hope.

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