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By Alison July 23, 2013 3 Comments 4 Min Read

Hello Lovelies, welcome to my latest Carousel: a quick, happy, sunny spin around all that is floating my flower sprinkled boat right now…
*First up a little Brocante news: I am considering very, very carefully all the oh so very relevant points so many of you made in the recent Brocante survey and I have already implicated a few changes: see the new archive box on the right and the return of my instagram pics? I’m listening darlings and although posts may be a little few and far between right now as I work on re-assessing my Brocante business model to guarantee value for all concerned, entertain a little boy already into the second week of his seven week summer holidays and indeed enjoy the glorious weather we have recently been enjoying, I am as always busy turning the cogs of my darling little industry behind the scenes and will be posting as often as life allows!


* Next, the House with Sixty Closets: though this is a Christmas story, and it is far too sunny to even be considering anything even remotely festive, I can’t resist sharing it with you now, because it is so thoroughly darling and silly and I am bound to forget all about it before Christmas arrives, so hurry along and download it on Gutenberg, or Amazon now…


*Next up, I really loved this post about the philosophy of cats. Alice is being naughty lately. Climbing the curtains and barking at the moon. Refusing to have anything to do with me and practically smothering Richard in love whenever he is here. May this teenage phase pass in the blink of an eye, or so help me God…

* Take a look at the video above and see if you can spot my gorgeous little Finn…

* Now these Mushroom Melts from Brit & Co. See the thing is this: I simply cannot fathom people who will not eat mushrooms, in fact I would go so far as to say I simply do not believe that there can be people who truly don’t like these inoffensive, delicious morsels. My sister says she doesn’t and I say she just isn’t trying hard enough to like them: but this is the recipe that will change her mind because it sounds utterly divine! Mustard aioli too? Hell yeah! I’m gonna start a campaign outlawing mushroom hate. It just isn’t natural.


* On my Kindle at the moment? Jen Lancaster’s The Tao of Martha. Hmmm. As I’m currently only half way through it, I can’t yet say exactly how I feel about it and I am intending to do a more thorough review of it when I’m done, but I was surprised to see that rumor has it, that Fox are turning it into a sitcom with voice overs from Martha herself. Have you read it yet?

* This: a piece about the Mommy guilt suffered by one writer. The complex relationship we have with what we write and what our audience believes we are writing about. I hear ya, Amy Shearn.


* Now, a gorgeous range of literary candles I am coveting so much I truly expect them to manifest before my eyes… and if it doesn’t happen then I am simply going to have to slope off a little pin money for both a Jane Eyre candle and a Little Women one. I love the idea of capturing the essence of words in a fragrance don’t you?

* And finally this: as Jessica Stanley says, probably the most lovely bedroom in a book

clara's bedroom


Happy new week Housekeepers.x 


  1. Brunette says:

    Brace yourself, darling. In my experience, girl kitties only unbend to men. A neutered Tom is sweet and affectionate, but his female counterpart has all the personal warmth of a frigid Victorian spinster.There are exceptions, I’m sure. I just haven’t met any yet.

  2. Dawn says:

    Alice is so pretty and bright-eyed. My female kitty adores me and mostly ignores hubby.
    That was Finn in the blue Carry On t-shirt, right? That event at the uni looks like so much fun.

  3. I spotted him, he looked so happy!

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