I'd Rather Be in Paris…

By Alison January 11, 2005 No Comments 1 Min Read

While browsing around the internet looking for Goodness know’s what, I saw this cushion on a rather crazy Eiffel Tower inspired site called babiole.com Eiffel_1

and in a moment of madness I nearly bought it, not because I like it, but because I wanted it to be true…

Now here’s the thing. In Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach says that we have to learn to tell the difference between what we want and what we really need, and furthermore, we should seek a life that satisfies us, emotionally and spiritually: a life that satisfies our authentic needs…

But what if your authentic self won’t play the  game? What if your authentic self wants to live half the year in Paris when your rational self knows that it is neither possible, nor necessary because you’ve got a perfectly lovely life and home here? What if your authentic self plainly doesn’t understand the difference between need and want and refuses to embrace the philosophy of gratitude you have chosen to live your life by? What if, oh horror of horrors, your authentic self turns out to be a bit of a bitch and you wouldn’t give her a push off the side, let alone take her to Paris???

It’s a can of worms I should not have opened. A conondrum I may never solve.

I should have bought the cushion.

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