Jane Brockett

By Alison February 26, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

    There is something so terribly British about Jane Brockett that I absolutely adore, mostly because I am of the Liverpool British variety which means I may as well be from an another country entirely…
    So I’m altogether thrilled to have another opportunity to dally in the vintage england, Jane’s follow up to Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, Ripping Things To Do will no doubt celebrate when it is published in July: the very same vintage england I am thoroughly enjoying exploring through Finley’s eye’s as we climb the Magic Faraway Tree each evening, avoid trouble in the terrible Land of Slap and fly around in the oh so magical Wishing Chair…

    (Though whether I will be able to persuade him to enjoy Anne of Green Gables or Milly Molly Mandy quite as much as I did is another matter entirely, so long may Jane’s evocative literary foray’s into my childhood imagination continue…)

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