One Size Fits All

By Alison February 3, 2009 1 Comment 1 Min Read

“All Mothers of more than one child will tell you that no two children can be brought up alike. everybody knows that this is true. Yet when our children reach school age,for the sake of convenience we assume that their mental natures can be brought up exactly alike, and we turn them over to school with a cheerful carelessness that, when one stops to consider, is just a little difficult to explain.

Suppose all children were obliged to wear clothes that were given out in the schoolroom, and that the clothes from each grade were all of precisely the same cut and size. What a great letting out of hems and taking up of tucks and sewing on of trimming there would be the minute the little people came home with the new garments!

There is no reason to suppose that the mental garments that they actually do bring home will fit them any better or be more becoming. It is more worth while to examine into this matter than we suppose, to see if we cannot let out a hem or take up a tuck, and so secure a better mental fit. And it is a most fascinating occupation to add a little trimming, or even do a little mental embroidery to increase the becomingness of the educational costume.”

Alice Grant, 1921.


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