Ouissi's Tea Party…

By Alison May 22, 2013 No Comments 1 Min Read

Do you know Ouissi Gresty of British Cream Tea fame? I’m sure you do, for it is she of the of ever so slimming, beautifully crafted felt biscuit fame, whose darling little macaroons once featured on the cover of Mollie Makes, and who now writes regularly for the lovely Pearl Lowe.  Yes! That Ouissi Gresty!
I once had the pleasure to spend a gorgeous afternoon with Ouissi, browsing around Cath Kidston and taking tea and cake in a bookshop cafe and though we have long been intending to do it all over again, we have I think been soooooo busy with our respective on-line business’s and the palaver of parenting all by ourselves that it is only recently that we have got around to talking about making some definite arrangements to at least chat somewhere other than over email… I truly do not know where the time goes!

Anyways I am telling you all this, because Ouissi is now not only crafting up a storm, writing books, creating craft kits, delivering personal little classes (with homemade cake!) and creating tiny little felt pieces of perfection, but she has just this week created a darling little newsletter, delivered on a Sunday afternoon that she is calling her Tea-Party: for who wouldn’t want to indulge in a little tea, and a vintage inspired, terribly British take on tea-time etiquette, and all other things scrumptiously crafty and wonderful…

Trust me you wouldn’t want to miss Ouissi’s lovely, individual take on British life… go reserve your place at her tea party table now.

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