Portrait of Marriage, 1959

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“This breadwinner will have to turn coal heaver before he gets his dinner tonight, so the sooner he starts gatheing winter fuel the better Artist Chittock has a theory about warm welcomes like this- it is not the best moment to remind a man of his responsibilities. But someone has to keep the home fires burning, and at six minutes to serving time cooks have other irons in the fire. The effort will seem worthwhile when he’s basking in the glow- of a cosy wife’s grateful smile.”

John Bull, February 14th, 1959.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all? No doubt the husband with the Santa Claus chin would claim that he was- especially when his career girl wife takes advantage of masculine chivalry to try that new make-up technique straight out of the morning newspaper. And they both have to be at work by nine… But cover artist Larent has left him with at least one reflection- that he first promised to install a second mirror in the bathroom months ago…”

John Bull, December 6th, 1958

“Oh no! Just when he’s helped bring home the hard won shopping. It’s always at times like this that the dog in your life reminds you that he’s not called Rover for nothing. “And” says artist “Critchlow, “it’s no use trying the old excuse about having to see a man about a d…”. The best thing this husband can do is take the lead- by telling his wife to get the lunch and produce the biscuits from that basket. Rover might settle for twice around the garden…”

John Bull, October 1st, 1958.

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