Puttery Treats For A Rainy Weekend!

By Alison June 22, 2013 8 Comments 3 Min Read

Oooh yuck. It’s raining. All plans for picnics and barbecues and long walks have flown out of the window and instead here I am, pottering about these four walls desperate for a scrumptious alternative to tying myself to the computer and eager to hug my little house for all it is worth…
And so here, for my pleasure and yours, is a hefty dose of puttery weekend inspiration…
* Read Peeps, The Really Truly Sunshine Fairy.
* Re-create the scent of sweet peas in your burner by blender three drops each of orange blossom, tuberose and rose with one drop of vanilla.
* Put together a last day of school present for each of your little ones….
* Create a set of photo tiles with nail varnish remover. Use vintage images and create a set of pretty coasters. Or start putting them away for Christmas gifts…
* Frame a collection of vintage jewellery and brooches in a shadow box.
* Try these gorgeous French Breakfast Muffins for  an extra-sweet Brocante Breakfast…
* Clear a drawer in the freezer and reserve it especially for freezing Farmers Market fresh veg and berries, on the day you buy them.
* Help small children print out a set of “Thank-you for being my friend” cards to hand out on the last of school.
* Tip a tub of unperfumed talcum powder into the blender with 10 drops of your signature fragrance oil and blitz to blend, et voila! Cheap signature fragrance carpet freshener.
* Freeze sprigs of fresh mint in ice cubes: perfect for Pimm’s, pink lemonade and ice-cold mint water.
* Download the app “Gifted” and get photographing all the gifts in your gift drawer…
* Make a houseplant fairy garden for the kitchen table…
* Paint your toe-nails with Brocante polka dots…
* Sew a tic-tac towel for afternoons in the garden, aka Martha.
* Add a drop of two of geranium oil to a bottle of witch hazel for a soothing, toning Summer morning facial treat. Keep in the fridge and shake before use.
* Go shopping for a small pretty, concertina file and keep all the documents and tear-sheets relating to your own health inside it.
* Give your tootsies a half hour apple cider vinegar bath and use the soaking time to read something inspirational.
* Create a set of short chore cards to keep the kids motivated to help around the house in the summer holidays.
* Print out this lovely abstract coloring page and remember how meditative coloring with felt-tips can be…
*  Make teeny vintage vignettes under over-sized red wine glass “cloches”…
* Pin a length of pretty lace around the top edge of your bedside table…
* Search the house for objects and vessels that could be relegated to the garden for a quirky, outdoor curiosity shop atmosphere…
* Scour the internet in search of a nightdress that thrills your vintage soul. These from Lily Rose and Wylde are classically beautiful.
* Go upstairs and banish twenty things from your bedroom right now…
* Print your favorite inspirational quotes on to brown paper luggage labels and tie them to door knobs and chest pulls with lengths of vintage ribbon…
* Make a batch of strawberry fudge
* Make a set of tissue paper pom pom and hang them like bunting across your mantle piece.
* Drop five drops of your favorite essential oil on to a cotton puff and drop it into your bag for a whiff of gently fragrant bliss every time you open it.
* Mix up some aphid busting houseplant spray by adding four drops of basil oil to a bottle of distilled water and spritzing on affected plants.
* Choose a tiny, darling saucer to keep on your bedside for the jewelry you take off before your sleep.
* Make a jug of fragrant wine punch by adding a litre of orange to a bottle of white wine, and adding three drops of pure geranium oil and a handful of ice cubes. Perfect for a sunny treat on a cloudy afternoon….
Have a lovely weekend  Housekeepers! 


  1. Ali says:

    It can’t make up its mind here. Sunny one minute, pouring down the next. Not particularly warm tho. I see mainland Europe and Alaska (of all places!) are enjoying (or not) hot, sunny weather. Mind you we don’t go in for that nonsense in England. *sniffs*
    Lovely tips as always Alison. Keep your toes dry.


  2. Amanda H says:

    What perfect timing! It’s rainy here, too, and I have a cold and had to cancel an afternoon party, so i decided to check on the very off-chance that there were some new puttery treats — and there were!

  3. Laura says:

    A dull (probably gunna rain) kind of weekend here as well. Got soccer out of the way without being soaked so that’s a plus. I love your ideas, especially looking at those Vintage nighties -really want one for myself. Really don’t feel like cleaning, it’s humid here and who in the heck feels like cleaning in this kind of weather!?? (even though both my washrooms would probably be closed down if the board of health made house calls). I think I’ll read some more “Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping”. :)Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Ahhh..wonderful puttery tips! The sun may be shining in DC, but I am inside with a poor sick baby, just reading these was relaxing!

  5. Rose says:

    You knew it was rainy and cold in south east Australia too?

  6. kellie says:

    love the little peeps story, thanks

  7. Taylor says:

    Love the idea of a keeping a cute saucer next to the bed for jewellery. Another great post – thank you =)

  8. Antonella says:

    I really love these posts of yours! I feel they make me remember what’s really important, esp. in trying times, having fun and taking care of me and my lovethanks

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