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By Alison January 23, 2013 3 Comments 3 Min Read

These are the links that have made me smile recently ~ enjoy!
Su Blackwell
Her book sculptures are wondrous and astonishing…

Ancient Industries
Nothing but the most needful of things…

Gratitude 365
Make gratitude a daily habit with this app…

Wonderful quotes straight to my in-box daily.

Sweater Love
Turn an old sweater into something lovely…

Home-Made Crock Pot Granola
Yes please…

The Good Life Project Creed
More inspiration from Jonathan Fields.

Plum Pretty Sugar
I am so in love with this robe…

My Own Business – Garance Dore
I loved this little peek behind the scenes of this uber famous blog.

The Story of Stuff
I have included this link before but I think we all need a reminder…

Wives With Beehives
A TLC show causing a bit of a stir. Not least because of mis-representation.

Men: New and Unimproved
“She’s always right, and I always get mad…”

What Happened to Downtime?
I wish I knew…

Thinnest Oatmeal Cookies
They really are.

52 Lists
I’m a little late to the party (so what’s new?) but I’m going to join in…

I Want To Be Unruly
Oh so do I!!

How To Clear Up Your Life
Is less the new more?

Hypo-allergenic Laundry Day
If it’s good enough for Polly, it’s good enough for me…

This strikes me as such a good idea.

Doing “Morning Pages” From “The Artist’s Way” Led Me To Get Divorced, Lose 40 Pounds And Revitalize My Career.
what could Morning Pages do for you?

Naturally Dyed Tea Towels
Simple, natural and beautiful.

There Is No Secret
Tough talk from Jess Lively

And finally this song…


  1. Deb says:

    thank you for all these fabulous links ♥

  2. Moorea Seal says:

    Hooray! Thank you for posting about my 52 Lists project!xo Moorea

  3. Barb Inator says:

    Oh, A Fine Frenzy is amazing. If you like them, then I fully know that you are amazing beyond belief! 🙂

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