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By Alison February 10, 2013 No Comments 3 Min Read

These are the links that have made me smile recently ~ enjoy!
The Perfect Office Chair
Agreed, Pearl Lowe…

Keep Writing
The only advice we need…

A Slice of My Life – A Dinner Party
I truly love reading about other women’s daily and not so daily processes…

A Simple and Sweet Love Spell
Just in case you need one…

Glory Days Magazine
A really rather fabulous New Zealand Vintage Lifestyle on-line magazine…

So You Are Feeling Too Fat To Be Photographed?

From the Heart
Susannah Conway blesses us with her truth once again.

Nancy Mitford on Radio Four

Ask Polly: Will I Be Alone Forever?
I loved the answer Polly gave to this lonely heart…

Zadie Smith on Joy
“Perhaps the first thing to say is that I experience at least a little pleasure every day. I wonder if this is more than the usual amount? It was the same even in childhood when most people are miserable. I don’t think this is because so many wonderful things happen to me but rather that the small things go a long way…”

Worry Flashcards
Another something to add to your self-care ritual when it feels as though your mind is going to pop perhaps?

I Believe In Pink
Oh me too! Buy this lovely art print on Society 6

How to Improve digestion and Reduce Stress With Ayurveda
I eat Kitchari for days on end when I’m feeling bloaty and over-wrought and it really does do the trick. Must try it with quinoa…

Homeward Bound
Why women are embracing the new domesticity…

Strawberry and Cream cake
The perfect cake to bake for your loveheart…

Do Less: A Short Guide
Create a day of less…

Baby Fast Asleep...
This has been making my whole family laugh…

The Sabbath Manifesto
Will you be unplugging on March the 1st too?

Nono’s Velveteen Chair

And finally this from Emmy Rossum…


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