The Housekeepers Circle

By Alison May 5, 2008 1 Comment 1 Min Read

Me oh my! … if you are looking for a way to keep your house (and life!) organized without resorting to guerrilla tactics, hourly emails from a sergeant major in a pinny or indeed hiring help…
If you are a vintage girl with six kids hanging off your buxom hips, too much laundry and a head full of old fashioned dreams…

..Or if you simply want to make the house feel scrumptiously welcoming, with eye-candy in every drawer and a pantry stocked full of tiny pleasures, then The Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle is for you…

Presented here for you to download is more than fifty pages of all the best writing from the first season of The Vintage Housekeepers Circle including…

The Vintage Housekeepers Rules

Making Your Home Sacred

and Love and Dust Bunnies!

40 Gorgeous Essays on Creating A Life Well Lived that will show you the way to living a scrumptiously, lovely BrocanteHome life…

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Click the button above to buy it for just $8.00 and as always many, many thank you’s for you continued support of BrocanteHome

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  1. Leslie Anne says:

    Alison, is this all the same stuff we got when you sent out the individual emails last year, or is there new stuff in it? Sorry my mind is so fuzzy this morning! Was there already a download from the daily subscription when it was over, or is this it? Thanks! Leslie Anne
    P.S. I hope you received my email answer about my Trash It or Treasure It? subscription! I still need to know what to do to keep it, as I accidentally "unsubscribed" when I switched bank accounts in Paypal! Eek! I really, really want to continue my subscription, don't want to miss a thing, but am not sure if I need to resubscribe or what! Thanks again, L.A.

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