The Festive Show-Off!

By Alison November 26, 2012 4 Comments 2 Min Read

Housekeepers I have turned into a Christmas Shopping Ninja! Never before have I been so darn organised, and I am currently on track for having EVERYTHING shopped and wrapped by December the 1st.
What’s that I hear? No-one like’s a show off? You are right but it is such a thrill to be my own best example here on Brocante that I just can’t help myself. Indeed yesterday, eager to show you just how spectacularly well I was doing Christmas shopping wise, I nearly made a major boo.

Heck yes. You see yesterday I laid many of my teeny little stocking fillers across the dining room table, ready to be wrapped and I was that excited I started clicking away with my iPhone taking pictures of Mother Christmas at work with her Wrapping Basket at her side, and her rolls of ribbon ready to be curled. Oh yes. I took oodles of pictures of the Christmas gifts I have so carefully chosen for my precious ones and then I uploaded a few to this here site and wrote a rather boastful post flaunting my efforts. And there I was, dotting the i’s and crossing my t’s when it struck me that should I go to the trouble of pressing publish on such a post, my nearest and dearest could take bets on exactly who was getting what! I was about to ruin my own carefully planned surprises for the sake of giving you lot a festive kick up the bottom!

If I had a brain, dear Readers I would be dangerous. So the moral of this tale is that a Vintage Housekeeper can get a little too organised. But that doesn’t mean that you my Darling reader cannot take my rather demented lead, and spend an evening with your Christmas Countdown and Planner, working out exactly where you are up to in the whole festive scheme of things. Listing what presents you have bought and which are still to buy, then making a resolution to wrap each gift you buy on the day you buy it, and settling down with an egg-nog at your side to get wrapping all that you have already got stuffed into your Christmas box!

Both Wreath Day and the Festive Scrub are now less than a week a way and I do believe you will thank me for bullying you in this fashion and thus guaranteeing you a calmer ride into Advent…

Just do as I say, not as I do, OK??


  1. Brunette says:

    I make a living Advent wreath with mini red poinsettias, variegated ivy, and ivory candles; you’d love it. Last night was the first night in Advent and the kids were SO excited to start our nightly Advent services again. It’s become a great family tradition.I’m trying to figure out how to link you a pic of it but this iPhone is defeating me. I’ll fire up the computer in a bit.

  2. Alexa McCabe says:

    I almost did a similar thing on facebook 🙂 I have a big old wooden chest that has been in my hubby’s family since they came to America, and it sits at the end of the bed. It is where I put all the presents for my son, last year I took photos of the chest as it filled and posted them on Facebook. Well I was about to do it yesterday and realized…. My son is now on Facebook and will see this!!! I’m so glad I remembered !! Wouldn’t want to ruin the suprise!! Happy holidays Alison and Finn!!!

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