Bookclub Choices 2005.

By Alison December 28, 2004 No Comments 1 Min Read

With just three days to go to the New Year and the launch of BrocanteHome, I have tonight listed the bookclub choices for each month of 2005. (Left)

While there are many lovely picture books dedicated to Vintage living, very few encompass a holistic approach to adopting the simpler way of life I hope BrocanteHome will come to represent, so the books I have chosen are both inspirational and very much more than the kind of books you would display on your coffee table. The kind of books, in fact, that I hope will change your life.

First on the list is of course,  Simple Abundance, designed as a book of days there is an entry for every day of the year and here on BrocanteHome I will be relying on it for both comfort and inspiration…

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