Bouffant Girls.

By Alison December 18, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


Readers I have been depriving you of the rather scrumptious company of Toni at Simple Sparrow.

In a previous life she was "Creative Ma" and being the rubbish blogger that I am, I forgot to update my links, so please go over say hello to her delicious little Bouffant Girls, then breeze on over to her Etsy shop and treat yourself to a Happy New Year To Me  gift…

1 Comment

  1. Toni says:

    Hi Alison!!
    I'm catching up with your blog and as usual I love your writing! So much humor! I was quite happily surprised to see this post about yours truly…how kind of you!! I feel very honored indeed 🙂 Thank you! xoxo.

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