Brocante Adoxography

By Alison May 21, 2014 2 Comments 2 Min Read

Welcome to the second in my series of adoxographies: a word I have commandeered to describe the gathering of some quotes and thoughts, beautifully expressed on Pinterest and collected here for my own sake, simply so that they are not lost in the scrum of boards relentlessly filled and I can use someone else’s words to express my own thoughts.
Sometimes they will come with the merest of explanation: a because or a why, and little else, so that you can take each little nothing, beautifully expressed and use it as balm for your own thoughts. Sometimes these quotes will be pithy, borderline embarrassing, foolish and beautiful. Sometimes they will be painful, clever and inspirational. All will be credited on my Pinterest Words board…
First up wise words from the gorgeous Dita Von Teese because sometimes we need reminding that we cannot be all things to all people, that sometimes our lives just don’t fit theirs, that sometimes a person needs an apple not a peach, and occasionally you will happen across someone who just doesn’t like peaches. Simple as that. If only peaches didn’t bruise so easily…
Isn’t that just wonderful? Clutter is the poetry of our homes? I love that. I also idolise Mary Randolph Carter.
Let’s make this one our mantra before envy destroys our authenticity…
drops of comfort
And it is. If only we would commit to taking BETTER care of ourselves. If only we could keep on repeating those words “it is enough to be taken care of by myself” until they were written upon our veins…
Are you doing beautiful things? When do you plan to start? Make it soon won’t you: life is terribly short…
Me too Sylvia, me too…
Which is why we have to let go. For what is for us won’t pass us. So let go. Let it all go. The pain. The junk. The man. The idea. The business. If it is meant to be, the universe will bring it back to you. This I know for sure.


  1. Useful reminders these words are and I had better print a couple and pin them all over the apartment!

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Keep collecting – they are lovely 🙂

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