BrocanteHome Hearts The Shabbee Chick

By Alison September 23, 2008 2 Min Read


Oh I do hope  you like it as much as I do!

The gorgeous Amber from Shabbee Chick Designs has finally blessed BrocanteHome with a design I couldn’t even begin cobble together with my minimal/non-existent design skills and I have never been more thrilled. You know that thing you did as a teenage girl when you got new shoes and you had to keep popping up to your bedroom to open the shoebox and admire them? That’s what I’m like, loading and re-loading my site just so I can be delighted all over again…

A new look is of course all part of my efforts to breathe new life into BrocanteHome and I think Amber has really rather scrumptiously captured what the site is about in her lovely banner. While the introduction of The Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle has been (to my absolute astonishment), a contentious issue, it was always designed to supplement the free content here, and in no way replace it, nor indeed dilute it. The blog itself as the banner whispers, is about life, love and vintage housekeeping, and while The Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle will indeed offer those who choose to join, daily vintage housekeeping advice, it doesn’t mean, and indeed I never suggested, that I would cease to write about housekeeping here, just that as I always have done, I will continue to showcase sites that inspire me, poetry, books, pretty tinsy bits of nonsense and, of course, posts about the car crash that is my lovely little life, alongside it. 

I do hope this has cleared thing’s up and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Amber,with whom it has been a joy to work with and of course to all of you, who continue to stop by and say hello and support me when, for whatever reason, BrocanteHome yet again becomes a battleground… 

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