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By Alison February 14, 2023 No Comments 1 Min Read

Well now I’m having an odd and somewhat sad week, and so rather than dwell on it, as always creating even more Brocante ease and joy is the answer.

So in my on going efforts to streamline everything I do here, last night and frankly stupidly early this morning, I took up Amazon’s invitation to open an Influencer store (Ha ha, me an influencer. I can barely influence my self, let alone the rest of you!) and lo and behold BrocanteHome Loves was born.

So from today I will be creating lists of things I love, the books I share here, there and in the sidebar of the blog, courses and social media, curating gorgeous finds and keeping a record of the books and products I read and discover throughout the year in dedicated, collection posts you can use to discover new or new you you gems.

As time goes by I will be integrating my store collections deeper into the site, and while I know Amazon remains divisive, it remains an important part of the monetisation of Brocantehome (and thus keeps it on line!) so using my happy little store as a staring point whenever you shop at Amazon really would be a huge help.

See the very beginnings of the store here and do bookmark it won’t you? I would so appreciate it.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love Alison.x

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