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“There is a widespread assumption that wives who don’t go out to work become cabbages. Now I ask you, among the working husbands of your acquaintance, are they all fascinatinating, glamorous and well-informed? Well then, don’t expect too much of women who go out to work for a bit of pin money or too little of women who may be working out a valuable bit of personal philosophy while they dust the china The pity of it is that several intelligent and attractive wives who don’t go out to work have begun to think that they are cabbages whereas wives who go out to work tend not to worry about a little thing like that.”

Hmmmmmmm. More fabulously patronising words of wisdom from the quite hilarious little recipe book that is “The Working Wife’s Cookbook” by one Mrs Penelope Labovitch, circa 1968, coming soon to a blog near you.
In the meantime, excuse me while I go pickle myself in something sour.

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