Catch Up Sunday

By Alison March 31, 2008 10 Comments 3 Min Read


Some things escape my attention on a daily basis. Some things get tucked to the back of my mind and I leave them there on purpose. Some things are so deadly dull  I simply can’t  be bothered.

I can’t be bothered until  all those things I’ve swept under the carpet cause a bump so big I trip over it everytime I walk through the living room and have to report myself to casualty with yet another  shoulda washed the shower curtain broken bone…

Shoulda woulda coulda. But I didn’t, I just jolly well didn’t and I’d like to say I’m ashamed but most of the time I couldn’t give a flying hoot because I’m too busy living to be worrying about the oh so dull minutie.

And then days like yesterday happen. Days when my plans go awry and  twiddling my thumbs  doesn’t seem that thrilling.  Days when all  of a sudden  I am possessed by the urge to attend to things most horrid, things most urgent and other things not very urgent at all . Days when I  lift up the rug and  have a good old stare at all matter of dusty horrors I’ve been avoiding dealing with. Days designed for catching up and cheese and french mustard on thick slices of granary toast. Catch up Sundays.

Yesterday was one of those days. A fuzzy wuzzy bit hungover from too much easter egg kinda day. A  someone has chucked me off their friends list on Facebook kinda day (I’m too old for this nonsense! I don’t even understand the concept of the silly pokey thing but think unfriending me is a bit extreme!! Blasted men, I’m offending them left, right and centre these days). A day when the best laid plans of mice and vintage mommies went to pot and I found myself with a child free afternoon and a scruffy house on my hands. Which struck me as a rather fortunate combination given that it was my "nesting" day… you know that day just before your period when nature blesses you with a mini version of the need to get the house ready just before the baby is born…?

Well it was that day. And as my presence watching football in a pub (??) was no longer required (Don’t ask…but let it be known Paul that I bought NEW beautiful, flesh toned, cork heeled SHOES for the occasion but may forgive you regardless), I found myself in a frenzy of the might as well’s…

Might as well finally write the application for The Masters in Writing I’m hoping to attend in September. Might  as well  bundle Finn’s old clothes into the charity bag. Might as  well walk to the  recycling bin and admire the gorgeous magnolia bush at number nine on the way. Might as well delete loony texts off my mobile. Might as well pop all my matching underwear in oh so neat and tidy ziplock bags. Again.  Might as well print out a months worth of housekeepers shopping lists. Might as well grate those leftover chunks of cheese. Might as well have an afternoon nap…

A girl needs to catch up on her sleep too you know.

Catch up days are fun, but I’m not sure they can be scheduled. Maybe they are only possible when they aren’t an obligation?

I do so hate to feel obliged.


  1. Marsha says:

    “I do so hate to feel obliged.”
    You know, that just might be the most brilliant thing I have ever read. And it captures my approach to life *perfectly*.

  2. Lisa says:

    It must have been in the air yesterday. I too spent the day playing “catch up.” I vacuumed the dusties from places I hadn’t even noticed and even the dog got a bath. Dog washing is certainly a chore I can do without but must be done! Yes, some days are like that my dear and unknowingly I shared it with you. Smiles.

  3. welltraveled10judi says:

    Delish as usual…

  4. Polly says:

    Yep, I believe that’s the key. Any amount of “have-ta” and it usually gets the “don’t-wanna”. Which is why you have a comment from me and the sink is heaping full. =) Blessings… Polly

  5. Patty says:

    Honey, I have admired your writing for so long, that I can’t immagine you wanting to improve. Please do contimue writing about your life I so enjoy that. Trueth is so much better than fiction. And I read somewhere that a person does better to write about what they know. Wa La your life. God Bless, Patty

  6. Amy says:

    ooh yeah I know all about catch up *sigh*

  7. Amy Jo says:

    *nods in total agreement with last statement* Funny that a word like “must” or “have to” can had so much dread attached to it. I think I’d rather read a book…

  8. rebekka says:

    I really hope you do go get that Master’s in Writing! Your blog is always one of my favorites, and you are SUCH a talented writer. I want to read books that you write.

  9. Sasha says:

    Aherm – ‘matching underwear in ziplock bags’ ????!!!??? Is that for forensics???? My head hurts and I don’t understand…..!!!
    As ever, you make me smile. So glad we may have more now you’re back on the old broadband. x

  10. dianeinjapan says:

    There definitely is something to that obligation thing. Whenever my husband wants to start a project that involves my assistance, I am rarely interested–but when it’s my idea (usually unplanned), that’s another story entirely!

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