Cath Kidston Shopper Give Away!

By Alison September 3, 2008 2 Min Read


And all of a sudden life changes shape. Your little boy don’s a tie and troops off to school five days a week and the hours between nine and three become yours to fill with all wonder of scrumptious nonsense…

This my Darling Housekeepers is the moment I have both dreamed of and dreaded and now it is upon me and finally time to make BrocanteHome what I always hoped it would be before life got in the way.

So I need your help. I want to know what it is you would like to see at BrocanteHome. What kind of posts do you like best? Have you ever been tempted to buy any of the yummy Ebay items I feature? Would you like to see more book reviews, less dating disasters or the other way around? More housekeeping downloads, a housekeeping routine calendar, shop reviews, interviews, social networking features or BrocanteHome  merchandise? What don’t you like? What bores you? Drives you nuts??

Tell me in the comments box below and I will squirrel it away in my brain and see what I come up with. Tell me and your name will go in the hat to win the two Cath Kidston For Marie Curie Shoppers above… the more constructive your comments the better if you please…

Can’t wait to hear your views!

P.S: To those of you who posted this afternoon, unfortunately something went wrong behind the scenes and the page won’t work so I have had to move it here… if your comment isn’t here, please, please post it again and I will put your name in the hat…

Cath Kidston Ltd.

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