Choose – Part Two

By Alison November 6, 2017 2 Min Read

Last week I wrote a post urging you to choose and then I went to York for a weekend away and spend the hours in-between being spooked in dungeons and literally walking the soles off my shoes thinking about what I choose.
I felt absolutely certain about my choices. I was congratulating myself on my utter certainty of what I choose for myself. I wrote lists based on my choices. Dwelt on all the benefits these choices would bring to my life…
And then I had a little revelation. Choosing means doing. Choosing means action. Choosing you see, means that we have to stop thinking, and planning and dreaming and hoping and just get on with it.
Make the cleaning plan a daily routine. Do the work. Commit to the rituals. Read the books. Write the blog. Do the bundles in the community you have chosen. GO to the gym.
Walk the walk, not just talk the talk and do it because doing it means you will make the kind of progress you cannot hope to make if you are going to make a hobby out of choosing and refuse to actually do the work.
Its so easy to plan, instead of doing. It is so easy to procrastinate because you haven’t got the details quite right. Because you haven’t found the perfect yoga routine, can’t afford the training shoes, think it might be better to wait until three weeks next Tuesday, and only then if the sun is shining.
Enough already. This is what you have to do: narrow down your choices, decide which speaks to your heart most and then, with no more dilly-dallying, you have to get on with it, because getting on with it is the only way to create a life less ordinary.
So today is the day to call time on the choosing. To muster the energy to do instead of plan. To stop obsessing on the details. The house will not clean itself – even if you have got the most utterly scrumptious, outrageously detailed homemaking time-table stuck to the fridge. Your over-sized bottom won’t magically evaporate even if you have been stupidly careful about choosing a diet apparently guaranteed to work. And you aren’t going to win blog of the year just because you have chosen the most gorgeous theme on the internet.
Choosing matters but it isn’t enough.
Choosing matters but it just the start.
Choosing matters but doing matters more.
Start today. Start, Sweetheart, right now.

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