Christmas Cards on Etsy

By Alison December 8, 2008 3 Min Read


Vintage Flower Christmas cards at Tamar


Dear Santa at J. Black Designs


Let Them Eat Fruitcake at Vintage Bella


Seasons Greetings At Love Dog Card Company


Let It Snow by the Blue Valentine Press


…and Christmas Bluebirds at Angelinas Cards.

Christmas Cards. Now here’s a subject that makes me feel jumpy. All that paper! All that time! All that ugliness to be dripped all over your walls! And all to exchange Christmas greetings with someone you live within spitting distance of??

Oh I know. I’m Scrooge. But when it comes to Christmas cards I’m with the Bishop. In a fashion. He said we should be only be giving cards to those we love, while I believe those we love know we love them and it is those in far flung lands and erm… Glasgow, who need a paper token of our festive best wishes. It is those relative strangers we cannot kiss or rarely see, who need to hear the thud of a card on their doormat, not the woman next door to whom you will probably be delivering a box of biscuits to regardless. It is long lost friends and virtual treasured acquaintances you want to share a little bit of real life with- not every mum in the playground, nor the auntie you will no doubt be sitting next to at the Christmas dinner table…

Ok annual card screech over… because the whole point of this whingy little post was to showcase some of the most fabulous cards on sale at Etsy, and not to regale you with my slightly outrageous take on Christmas Cards… because let it be said: if I was sending a mile high pile of cards these are the ones I’d be sending…


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