Christmas In July!

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I don’t care if you are cringing. As she in charge of making your life less ordinary, this I know for sure: she who plans early catches the Christmas Crackers before they are all sold out. 
And so this is the week I am inviting you to hop on board the Christmas train with BrocanteHome. I know. I know the kids have only just finished school and there are holidays and uniforms and sunny days to consider but here’s the thing: get started now and you will take the headache out of Christmas completely and maybe (just maybe) end up sailing through the Christmas of your dreams. All in just half an hour a week.
Ok so my plan is two-fold: I have created a dedicated Christmas Club in my gorgeous (FREE) Facebook group, The Living Room and from July 30th we will be counting down the weeks to Christmas together: sharing lovely ideas and encouraging each other to make this years holiday just that teeny bit more puttery, twinkly and of course, organised.
To get involved all you have to do is hop over to The Living Room and sign up (again its FREE and if I do say so myself it is truly lovely). Then navigate to events and add your name to The Christmas Club. Et voila! When the fun begins I will let you know and away we will go!
Then next on my list is the first Christmas Planner I have created in ten years! Yep my lovely, original planner is still beloved by many of my Salon Members but TEN YEARS have passed and I thought it was time to re-invent it a little bit… (squueeeel!). So last Friday I sat down and started re-creating it, keeping all that was lovely about it (The Festive Creed, the puttery treats, the recipe cards and the December Countdown) and re-thinking the rest to suit a world that has somewhat changed…

So what have I included this time?

An Introduction to a Brocante Christmas.
A Guide To Making the Most of the Planner.
The Festive Creed – Rules for a Christmas Less Ordinary.
A Festive Seasonal Scrub – A two day step-by-step top to bottom house scrub.
The December Countdown – Day by day to-do’s to help you get organised.
The Advent Calendar – A fill-in-the-blank calendar for your own events.
Christmas Puttery Treats – list of lovely things to do at Christmas.
Christmas Grace Notes– A place to list all the puttery things you want to remember.
Daily Festive To-Do’s – A one page sheet to help you gather your thoughts during the Festive madness.
Festive Vision Board – To capture the essence of the Christmas of your dreams.
Festive Decorating Planner – A one page printable to help you get specific.
Festive Ornament Record – For recording the providence of special ornaments.
Festive Reflections – Focusing on what worked in Christmas’s gone by.
Family Traditions – Making the must-do’s of Christmas even lovelier.
Festive Budget Planner – Create a workable budget for Christmas (and stick to it!)
Christmas Card List – With names, emails and addresses.
VIP Christmas Card List – For listing the special individual cards you need to buy.
Festive Event Planner – For planning any events you may be hosting or partaking in.
Festive School Planner – For noting down the special dates and requirements of Christmas at school.
Festive Wrap Planner – For men, women and the little people in your life.
Christmas Drawer List – For listing all those gifts you already have in stock or are re-gifting.
VIP Gift Page – For planning the gifts you will buy for those you love.
Gift List – For noting down those you buy for and what you buy them (so you don’t forget and double up!).
Gifts To Craft List – For listing all those gifts you plan on crafting or baking.
Gifts Ordered List – So you don’t forget about orders placed on the internet.
Christmas Recipes Lists – Reminders of lovely recipes found in recipe books and online.
Christmas Recipe Cards – For storing the recipes for those things you want to cook at Christmas.
Christmas Menus – Finalised menus for all festive meals.
Non- Perishables Shopping Lists – For getting organised long before Christmas arrives.
Freezer Shopping Lists – For getting organised come the beginning of December.
Big Day Shopping Lists – For all that needs buying for cooking on the day.
Scrumptious Extras Shopping Lists – All the pretty things you want to add to the frivolity of the season.
Outfit Planner – For the whole family.
Festive Self-Care Planner – So you don’t end up frazzled.
Festive Chore Chart – So you aren’t doing everything alone.
Giving Back Planner – For planning charitable donations.
Thank-You Card Lists – For big people and little people.
Things To Remember Next Year List: For noting down broken fairy lights and the fact that the whole family hates Christmas pudding!
Now here’s the thing: I know there are hundreds of Christmas Planner’s available on the internet. But this one is a Brocante Christmas Planner… which means that it comes blessed with the all the puttery treats and festive frivolity you would expect from me, meaning that you won’t just remember to de-frost the turkey but will also include all the lovely routines and rituals I have long talked about over the years: the grace notes that elevate Christmas into the kind of cosy extra-ordinary all our hearts are longing for…
All that and week by week I will be reminding you to check in with your planner and really focus on making the season as scrumptious as possible in The Christmas Club!

Yes Please!

Ok so obviously if you are a Salon Member you will of course be getting The Festive Planner ABSOLUTELY FREE on July 30th (alongside The Festive House and my oh so useful 100 Things To Do Before Christmas!), but if you aren’t I have an extra special PRE-LAUNCH OFFER for you if you order the planner today!
The cost of my lovely, comprehensive planner will be 30.00 on the 30th of July but order it now and you can grab it for just 15.00! Fifteen dollars for festive sanity sounds like a plan doesn’t it??
To take advantage of this terribly un-seasonal, but absolutely essential offer simply click the button below or click here and the Planner will be delivered to your in-box on the 30th July…

I can’t wait to start planning a truly gorgeous Christmas with you!

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