Christmas Is Coming…

By Alison December 14, 2005 3 Comments 2 Min Read





Yey, Father Christmas came in the night and decorated the house…

But I wanted it PINK!!! What a pity somebody who shall remain nameless (Mark), has obviously chucked away the box containing the tiny little birds of paradise and rolls of scrumptious ribbon I was saving for the tree, along with all the fairy lights we owned (oh yes!)…

What a pity he won’t be getting any dinner this evening…

However I have done my best with the year before last’s decorations and made a late night trolley dash to Tesco, with my hair drowning in deep conditioner, to buy lights that don’t do anything horrible like flash or fade (How not relaxing are they: Am I the only person in the world to feel twitchy when tree lights flash?) and voila we have a tree that Finley is certain was made by Santa’s Elves.

Unfortunately it has been slightly re-arranged by his chubby little hands and I was over-ruled on banishing certain dec’s like the strange white polar bear at the top, and Mark argued a very good case for putting the crackers on the tree (they remind him of his childhood), but the lovely little 1960’s fairy story baubles are there, as are my little collection of vintage dec’s and some ribbon salvalged from my ribbon box and though decorating the tree turned into a family affair I wasn’t expecting (I am a control freak.), it is pretty and huge and twinkly and nothing like I wanted it to be, but it made me smile when I came down the stairs this morning because Mark had put the lights on and lit the candles before he went to work so Finn and I came down to a festive Wonderland and that is I suppose, the spirit of Christmas…

P.S: all my Christmas photo’s will be in an album here…

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  1. Meredith says:

    It looks wonderful! And Finn must have loved discovering it this morning.
    My husband hijacks my Christmas plans too. I left to do shopping the other day and returned to find hideous BLUE icicle lights hanging from our garage. We also have a pre-lit (white lights, very nice) tree and he stayed up late after setting it up to add colored lights to it.
    Oh well. Our house could make the color-blind see again.
    Enjoy the Christmas-ness!!

  2. ms*robyn says:

    oh Alison, I have an empty looking tree this year! but it is ours & we love it. and yours is yours ( and Marks & Finleys) that is all that matters. I don't have twitchy lights either… and this year I only put one set on the tree. Less is more this year and hopefully next year and the year after that. I like it. Hopefully in a few years we will all be able to sit back and enjoy Christmas how it should be enjoyed.
    maybe it is time to let go of control ? I WAS one too, sometimes it still pops up but I am doing my darndest to let go.

  3. Savannah says:

    Lovely, Alison! How beautiful!
    I have white lights on my tree… period. My mother saw a peaceful, beautiful tree with nothing but white lights and a large white feathered owl. I sent her straight back to buy that owl, but alas! some other minimalist dreamer had purchased that life saver…. so I would have missed the ornaments from forever anyway… Have fun!

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