Confession Time.

By Alison January 31, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


Just so you know exactly what kind of woman you are dealing with, let me make myself plain:

I only buy shampoo if it is pink. All Finley’s toys are hidden from view in his room so that it remains a sanctuary of calm beiges and browns. When he was born I exchanged some of his multi-coloured toys for more aesthetically pleasing items. I eat a lot of tangerines because I like how they look in my kitchen. I choose pink bottled perfumes not only because they look pretty in my bathroom (Prada and Agent Provocateur are my favorites), but also because I want to smell pink. I make random still life displays with books and food and bits and bobs out of the garden and freak out if anyone touches them. One of my favorite dresses is gathering dust because I have it hanging like a picture in my bedroom. I drink out of a cracked cup because I love it and can’t bear to throw it away. Finley isn’t allowed soft toys because they offend my delicate senses and I spend twice as much as I need to on food because I always choose packaging over content… 

Anyone else suffer from the same disease?

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  1. Ella says:

    I'm definitely not as refined as you sound, but I try for a minimalist look in my house – creams and browns, not too much clutter, not too many plastic toys. It's definitely a disease, one which I struggle to accommodate with small children in the house!

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