Daylight Robbery!

By Alison March 16, 2006 14 Comments 1 Min Read


Now then, I have just watched a lady of quite substanial years, stop outside my house, look around her in a very shifty fashion, and then when she was sure nobody was looking, open her mock croc handbag, pull out a pair of secateurs and snip away at my camellia bush!!

An old lady thief!! I am appalled, but not surprised. These old people do it all the time: they come out of the church next door, stop to peer at my beloved camellia and then snip it, or worse snap it!!

But what to do? If they asked me I would be more than happy to give them a cutting, but todays geriatric thief was intent on a very organised crime: why else would she be carrying a pair of secateurs in her bag?

I’m cross.

Do you think I should have gone out and bopped her with my rolling pin? Or should I erect a sign saying please help yourself, and leave it there until my poor little tree is bald?

This is a moral dilemma if ever there was one: I obviously don’t want to be an old lady basher, but sometimes they just push me too far…

Maybe I’ll take a sly picture or six and start an online gallery of geriatric floral rogues…


  1. Or better yet, hang their pictures like Christmas Tree Baubles on your poor little tree! Maybe coming face to face with their crime next time they stop by will give them pause for thought!

  2. Leanne says:

    Excellent idea! Or even go out there with the camera and announce that you'd love to have their photo to include in the gallery already hanging. That way you could save a few poor blossoms from certain theft!

  3. Susana says:

    I would definately catch them in the act and just embarres them! Say something like, "If you would have just asked kindly, I would have given you a snipet." Then take it back from them and plant it elswhere in the garden. You could also put up a cute sign saying something like, "look but don't touch!" -Susana

  4. Ulla says:

    I think I would put out a lovely little table, with a vace, and a few specimen flowers, with a calligraphy note: "If you must… please take one from here…"

  5. Josee says:

    That gave me quite a good laugh. I have this great visual image of an old lady stealing your flowers and walking away sweetly with her white hair and cane. I am not sure how I would handle this. Maybe next time you see her go out and ask her to, please, not do that???

  6. June says:

    Maybe the elderly woman walked by your house after Sunday church and, enthralled with your floral display, plotted a return to execute the daylight camelia heist. I like Ulla's calligraphy sign idea. Otherwise, try to think of it as a simple blessing to elderly women–you've put a little joy in their lives with your beautful camelias.

  7. Duncan says:

    I have to admit i would probably put an honesty contribution box out, so it would then make them feel very guilty if they didnt leave anything.
    he he 🙂

  8. Leave it to Ulla to leave such a good idea! I must admit I would be soooooooooooooo tempted to clip one too!! Bad bad bad thoughts I have!! But your flowers sound pinchable!

  9. jenclair says:

    Wouldn't be fun to have your own rogue's gallery? Even if no else ever saw it, I think snaps of geriatric camelia thievery would be its own reward!

  10. Paola says:

    He he! I'm loving the idea of old lady thievery. I was just going to say the same as Mimi – nice sepia photos threaded with lovely ribbon to make them all BrocanteHomish.
    Or maybe just a 'Wanted' poster on the church door?

  11. Savannah says:

    Ah,how we old ladies WISH we could just wander along, glance over our shoulders, and with a snip. . . obtain a piece of beauty from one young, bold, saucy one's precious bush… Maybe if we only had her camelia, we could also by association have her vivacity, her life again! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Seriously, she obviously shouldn't have done that. But what do you do? I'd say nothing. If you would have given it to her, then you just did… haha.. Grrrr.. I understand.

  12. Kristy says:

    I agree with Ulla!I think you should take some cuttings, put them in a lovely basket then next coffee morning or what ever sit with Finley outside the church and offer every lady one!Then you could count their blushes!

  13. ms*robyn says:

    or what about a Christian symbol? seeing as they are coming out of the house of God – or just a sign saying 'thou shalt not steal' which is one of the ten commandments. or get Finley to stand there and say bless you to each one that snips away.

  14. Suzie says:

    LOL, I laughed when I read this – it reminds me of my grandmother! She is a mad keen gardener. I remember going on a trip to the botanic gardens (in NZ) with her, and she was flogging all sorts of cuttings – depsite the warning signs! I was mortified LOL
    However, now I am a little older, I wish I had her gall!
    I think you'll find, Alison, that your thief is an old lady with a passion for gardening, and has lived so much of her life, she doesn't give a damn what others think anymore.
    I don't think they would strip your lovely camellia bare – they have too much respect for plant life.
    And think of it this way – your camellia is getting pruned without you having to do any of the work!
    Hugs xx

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