Deja Vu-Doo

By Alison June 26, 2008 12 Comments 1 Min Read


Oh blah, blah, blah, blah blah. I’m even starting to bore myself and I like me.

I suspect you see, that there is, somewhere out in the big wide world, a person who has made a little waxwork doll of me and is, for cheap thrills, sticking red hot needles in it, whenever said person suspects I am looking suspiciously content. I say this because not only have I destroyed all the BrocanteHome design templates, last night Finley tripped over the laptop wire and killed the computer stone dead. A quick trip to the ever so slightly bonkers computer doctors reveals that my hard drive is dead and the matter will cost billions to put right…

However, every cloud has to have a silver lining, because I insist upon it, so here are my reasons to smile past myself this week:

1) My Dad has fixed my tumble dryer. So I’m back in soft towel heaven. Yey!

2) Oh and yes, my Dad has fixed my tumble dryer so I’m back in soft towel heaven!

3) And of course there is always the fact that my Dad has fixed my tumble dryer so I’m back in soft towel heaven!

I tell ya, if I wasn’t so bloody miserable, I could honestly say I’ve never been happier. I’ve just found the loveliest little first edition copy of Mrs Harris Goes To New York, and I am giving serious thought to nipping over to the bakers and buying a cream stuffed chocolate eclair…

Needs must m’dears. Now stop sticking pins in me immediately. You are on your final warning!


  1. Linda says:

    Sounds to me like that man is playing you. He likes the idea of you pining for him, longing for him. If you got over him quickly, that might hurt his sense of self-worth, so he’s keeping you hanging on. Then again, it *is* possible that he’s genuinely conflicted and wants to be with you, too. Either way, best to steer clear…
    Sorry about the computer. And about the school’s concerns (do remind me to tell you about my quirky five-year-old, who is also clumsy, due to motor-planning issues).
    On the bright side, wrap yourself in soft, warm towels and maybe it’ll all go away.

  2. Vee~A Haven for Vee says:

    It's always good when one can see the upside even if it's the same upside rephrased twice more. Hang in there, Alison. Looking on the bright side never hurt anyone.
    Blast about the computer!

  3. simone says:

    At least you have a tumble dryer. I have never had a tumble dryer! Seriously though, I do hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is not far off for you.

  4. Danielle says:

    OOOH, I'm liking the new look Brocante Home! You have been busy. I haven't stopped by for ages (I've had another baby, that's my excuse) but I just thought I'd have a quick look. I've missed my Brocante-fix.
    My husband has banned me from tumble-drying on eco-grounds. Actually ours is not working either and he hasn't fixed it so our towels are crunchy! Probably won't get fixed until winter now. It is nice having soft towels. I've been after a washer/dryer combo because the tumble dryer is in the garage so I have to traipse (??) across the garden with my washing normally. If only every day was bright and breezy in England so the line could do all the drying? Mind you now we have another newborn (that's four children in our house now) one washing line just doesn't cut it. I need two at least, to hang our laundry mountain!

  5. Chaya Bluma says:

    Alison –
    So sorry things are so difficult. But all may not be lost as far as your templates. If you Google any of your pages/posts the original design is cached. Your may be able to grab the html from that and restore the layout. Don’t know if that will help – not too familiar with Typepad’s code – but maybe worth a shot.

  6. gena says:

    Oh Deary me! well with regard to the chappie,perhaps it was just a friendly hug? and we are reading too much into it(hopefully) I mean why else would he text you in that manner? he did not seem to be a bounder and a cad? remain open to the situation,wait and see,I just find it totally unbelievable that any red blooded man could not be smitten with you Miss May! chin up my darling,I have said it once and I shall say it again,something amazing lies ahead for you,it has to,its karma.xxxx

  7. gena says:

    Oh Lordy! have just reread your post,and you have edited since this morning,feel free to delete my comments! sorry! xx

  8. Barbara says:

    Oh wow would I like a few of those pins and dolls for an annoying few.
    So sorry for your big bothers and an hurrah for your dad and your dryer..It's the little things in life…

  9. Amy says:

    eek! I hate it when those pins and needles things seem to feel like they’re happening.
    As for your dryer, I don’t use one, I like the fresh air smell mine have when they’ve been flapping away in the breeze on the clothes line 😀

  10. Jennifer says:

    I like your new font. It’s very readable.

  11. celene says:

    How does one live without a dryer or a dishwasher or an electric garage door opener? EEK! I don’t even want to imagine. Think about a happy place, think about a happy place… Whew, ok, I’m back. Glad you have warm fluffy towels again. Your “new digs” at the BrocanteHome look great! Too bad about the computer though. As for Danielle in a previous comment to this post…Honey, your husband has banned you from the dryer and you have 4 kids (one a newborn)? I’d be banning him from something alright. He’d be using crunchy towels for a whole other reason! Til next time…God Bless, Celene

  12. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Mrs Harris Books – I've got the New York and Paris ones – brilliant! I'm reading Miss Pettigrew lives for a day at the moment – which one of my colleagues informs me is being made into a film with Frances McDormand – so that should be good too!

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