Dualit + Liberty = A Match Made In Heaven

By Alison July 14, 2016 1 Min Read

Warning! Pretty alert coming your way…
I often bemoan the lack of opportunity taken to pretty up the plain surfaces of our domestic arena with a little pattern. Cars are in fact my main bug bear. Why aren’t they lovelier? Why in fact are they becoming blacker so that our roads are congested with giant black beetles crawling along our highways? Where’s the pretty, people??!
liberty kettle
Though it doesn’t look like pretty cars are coming our way anytime soon, dull domestic appliances are on the way out of the window thanks to the rather darling collaboration between Liberty and Dualit currently on the horizon…
The world it is a-changing. We have got a women prime minister given to wearing leopard skin wellies and now me darlings we can sprinkle a flutter of flowers around our kitchen for £125.00 a pop.
liberty toaster phoebe
I would add them to my wedding list if only I could be sure we won’t be living in a tent by the time we were planning to march up the aisle together.
Life may be muddle but the very fact that Liberty exist still gladdens the heart.

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